How Do I Recover From the Credit Bureau?

If you are in the credit bureau and you do not know what to do, we recommend that you read the following article. A bad reputation in this file is a big obstacle because it limits our financial possibilities and the ability to apply for credits in banks.

For example, if a day requires a loan urgently, the banks will not approve it if you are in the credit bureau. And in the case that they accept your request it will be with more than negative conditions for you: low amount and term of return and a very high interest rate.


To have a good reputation in the credit bureau.

To have a good reputation in the credit bureau.

But if you find yourself in this situation, there’s nothing to worry about, it’s not as bad as you think. It’s more common than you think: many Mexicans are just like you. Nobody denies that it is really stressful, however, it can be solved. Get out of that distressing and unpleasant situation!

First of all, it is necessary to understand how credit bureaus’ ratings are assigned. This entity works with the reports that companies give it. That is, it is not an entity that qualifies as ‘debtors’ to people, but it collects and groups the information that other companies deliver.


Request report to any financial institution

Request report to any financial institution

Once you have formulated such a report, make it available to any financial institution that requests it. Do not worry, your record can not be seen by everyone. Only certain companies can access the information, once they have demonstrated that they are dedicated to offering credits or similar services.

The downside is that if an entity gives you the rating of ‘delinquent client’ when another asks for information about you will be with this legend and will not accept your request.

The credit report consists of two parts: an ID (document number, full name, date of birth, etc.) and a history. The latter includes the times you have applied for a loan and when they have authorized or rejected you.

To know if you have a good record in the credit bureau you just have to request it . We recommend that you do it once a year to be aware of your financial situation. If you ask for it every 12 months you will not have to pay anything.


How to have a positive record in the credit bureau?

How to have a positive record in the credit bureau?

From the moment you start generating expenses and making payments on a credit card, you ask for a personal loan or you have services (electricity, water, telephone) in your name, your credit history is formed.

To have a good record, it is essential that you pay everything on time. It can also help you to have asked for credits and paid correctly in the past. The easiest way to ‘open a line of credit’ is to have a card. Banks usually grant them to those who have a registered job, for example.

If your goal is that later you can access a credit, we recommend you have a credit card with a low limit or spend only the minimum to avoid delays with payments. And never pay the required monthly minimum, since that incurs greater debts.

Now, if you have seen the status of your account in the credit bureau and appear as client debtor, you will undoubtedly want to reconstruct your history. For this you need a lot of patience and some time. Do not worry, continue paying your bills to term and wait …

We advise you to contact the entity to which you owe and reach an agreement to cancel that commitment. Surely they will have some option in installments or even interesting discounts if you pay in cash.

Of course for the latter you will need some money and no bank will want to lend it to you. Therefore, you can apply in our portal. We are a FinTech with experience in online credits that can help you get out of the negative state in the credit bureau.

It’s just a matter of you telling us how much money you need and how long you agree to pay it. In a matter of minutes we will give you an answer to your request. And the best part is that you can do it online.

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