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10 easy recipes for homemade dog treats | Pets

Walk down the pet care aisle at any major retailer and you’ll find dozens of varieties of dog treats. There’s apparently something for everyone – whether your dog prefers a hard cookie or a soft puff, or you want a treat that helps with joints, teeth or coat – there’s an option for you and your dog. beloved.

But for pet owners who want more control over exactly what goes on in their pup’s body, whether for allergy or health reasons, the options are certainly more limited.

Enter homemade dog treats. Making your own snacks allows you to choose only ingredients that meet your dog’s dietary limits without restricting your furry friend’s taste buds. Native Pet has compiled a list of 10 dog treats that owners can make at home, along with user-friendly recipes for you to get started.

For the most part, these recipes rely on a handful of common ingredients, like mashed pumpkin, whole-wheat flour, eggs, bananas, peanut butter, and other staples. Their simplicity, which makes them easy for dogs to digest, also allows for a degree of experimentation with spices or additional items like flax or chia seeds. But before you get too crazy in the kitchen, be sure to check that anything you’re considering adding is safe for dogs. Resources like the ASPCA’s list of toxic foods for people or your veterinarian are the best ways to ensure these homemade treats are safe for your furry friends.