5 Best Doggy Day Care Centers in Nashville, TN

Below is a list of the best and major dog day care centers in Nashville. To help you find the best dog day care centers near you in Nashville, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The best dog day care centers in Nashville:

The top rated dog day care centers in Nashville, TN are:

  • Camp Bow Wow – is a leading dog care provider who comes easily to Nashville
  • Pet Resorts Doggy day care – is a local boarding house for dogs and cats
  • Hounds Town Nashville – offers a fully interactive doggy daycare that prioritizes fun
  • Red Rover Pet Services LLC – promises to provide customers with exceptional service
  • Le Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare – has a five-star luxury pet resort

Camp Bow Wow

welcoming dog day care centers in Nashville, TN

Camp Bow Wow is a leading dog care provider for pet owners in Nashville. They provide certified pet first aid and CPR counselors. They always prioritize the happiness of the animals they care for. In addition, their oasis offers a large playground perfect for active and friendly dogs. Their staff are great, professional and friendly. They create a friendly environment for pets.

They offer awesome and innovative day and night camp services to all pets. In addition, these services include indoor games, night games, and medication administration. They also provide individual attention and TLC from camp counselors.


doggy day care


Address: 470 Craighead Street, Nashville, TN 37204
Telephone: (615) 385-2275
Website: campbowwow.com


“We’ve had a bad experience elsewhere and they’ve completely appeased me from going into a new daycare. I love being able to watch him on camera and it looks like the staff are very involved with all the puppies! I would definitely recommend it to friends. 🙂 ”- Lauren Powers

Pet Resorts Doggy day care

Dog Day Care Centers in Nashville, TN

Pet Resorts Doggy day care is a local boarding house for dogs and cats. Their team specializes in providing top quality accommodation for dogs and cats so they can play and board. Plus, their staff of trained pet care providers are there to make the pet’s time memorable and fun. They make sure every pet is showered with love and care. In addition, they strive to make the experience of their clients’ pets a fun experience.

The daycare offers a wide variety of dog sitting and pet grooming services. In addition, they offer boarding services for dogs, cats and pet baths. Their staff also take care of reservations and pet activities.


dog day center, dog walker


Address: 7128 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Telephone: (615) 915-3062
Website: petresortsofamerica.com


“I have two Siberian huskies who love this place. The board is there when we go on a trip. A lot of play time is required for their high energy race. The staff are more than amazing. Very friendly. Very affectionate with my babies. Super helpful and they act like they appreciate you as a customer. We won’t go anywhere else with our fur babies! – Devon Lyon

Hounds Town Nashville

Vibrant Dog Daycare Centers in Nashville, TN

Hounds Town Nashville offers a fully interactive doggy day care center that emphasizes fun while learning. They are designed for dogs to have fun, enjoyable and memorable play. They provide a natural pack environment for dogs to play in groups. In addition, the daycare offers facilities that allow a relaxing and restful sleep after a full day of play. Their staff are also happy to welcome dogs of all sizes.

They have a variety of dog grooming services that are perfect for all dog breeds. Plus, they offer dog bath products, a playground, and pet taxi service. They also have 8,000 square feet of spacious play areas for the dog boarding.


doggy day care, food, pet sitter


Address: 288 Hermitage Ave # C, Nashville, TN 37210
Telephone: (615) 880-8696
Website: houndstownusa.com


“We contacted Hounds Town for a day of dog sitting while visiting Nashville and they were very friendly and accommodating. Our dog had a fantastic day playing and was happy and tired when we picked him up! The facility was clean and well maintained. I highly recommend them and would leave my dog ​​with them again. ” – Cheryl Puleston

Red Rover Pet Services LLC

Energetic Dog Daycare Centers in Nashville, TN

Red Rover Pet Services LLC promises to provide customers with exceptional and compassionate service. Their mission is to provide a safe yet enjoyable experience for every dog ​​they handle. Plus, they believe dogs are more than best friends, they are family. Their staff treat all dogs in their care as if they were their own. In addition, they specialize in supervising off-leash group games. There are experienced and trained staff who watch over the pets.

The daycare offers exceptional services adapted to each dog. In addition, they offer dog baths, day care, and medication administration with feeding sessions. Plus, their services include boarding for daytime and nighttime schedules.


dog sitter, doggy day care


Address: 315 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37210
Telephone: (615) 227-7709
Website: redrovercomeover.com


“Hey are awesome. They keep us updated on our dogs all day and let us know about their behavior. When one of them showed signs of a behavior change the other day, they let us know so we could take him to the vet and have him checked. I took him today and they said he was getting back to normal. Morgane is awesome! Plus, webcams let you watch your dog instead of working all day, which I love. They also take pictures of them for you. Just all around a great place. – Dick Davis

Le Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare

Dog Friendly Daycare Centers in Nashville, TN

Le Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare feature a five star luxury pet resort. They work in close collaboration with their partner company, the Belmont Animal Hospital. In addition, the staff strive to provide their clients with excellent and efficient care. Every pet that comes to their facility is treated with love, respect and genuine compassion. In addition, all their staff are trained and certified in dog language and behavior.

The staff provide a comprehensive list of childcare services perfect for hot days. In addition, they offer dog training, dog boarding and à la carte daycare services. They also provide a spa with professional and basic swimming.


dog daycare, feeding, dog sitting


Address: 3206 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212
Telephone: (615) 292-7529
Website: thebelmontpetresort.com


“We came from Oxford, MS to work in Nashville and brought our furry child, Harley, with us. The staff made us feel at home and welcomed Harley with open arms. Harley attended Doggy Day Care and had a great time. Words cannot express how much we really appreciated the staff who went out of their way to make Harley and I feel comfortable. And how good are the cameras. cool ?! We can’t wait to work in Nashville again …. and please know that Harley will be able to enjoy the tour as well 🙂 ”- Summer Pegram

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