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56 Times Cats Had Such ‘Powerful Auras’ Their Owners Just Had to Take a Photo

Bored Panda also wanted Karen’s opinion on why the internet seems to be so madly in love with cats. “If you have the privilege of sharing your life with a cat, you know they are full of personality. They have the freedom to ‘give’ us their opinion without worrying about what other people think,” said the founder. of Posh Pet Photography tell us.

“But, cats can be difficult to photograph and capture their emotions in a photo. So when people do, they obviously feel compelled to share them, and people who see those photos immediately recognize the emotion and s identify with it. It makes you smile or laugh because you know there’s truth in that photo. The evolving memes and jokes are of people coming together to celebrate their love for our furry, opinionated companions.

Meanwhile, Michelle, from Comedy Pet Photography Awards team, told us what can help to take a stunning photo. “One thing we’ve learned from judging hundreds of funny pet pictures at Comedy Pets is that a lot of it comes down to luck and timing. There are some things you can do to make the photo as clear and crisp as possible, but for those of absolutely classic hysterical images, it’s all about knowing your pet inside out, its habits, taking the time to be with it, and keeping your camera on or your phone at hand, the rest is a good time,” she told Bored Panda.

She said good photography skills “definitely help” to capture a striking image. Additionally, the subject, scene, and context of the photo are all important. “For example, backgrounds shouldn’t distract the subject too much, they should be well lit, and make sure your phone is at the highest resolution for taking photos. This means you may need to exercise discipline when editing and making sure you remove unwanted footage as you go,” Michelle told us.