A Dog’s Love™ offers pet treats and more to help save shelter dogs

This company sells dog toys, chews and more to provide much-needed meals and supplies to dogs in small shelters across the country.

Many dog ​​shelters today face the challenge of having few resources to keep their dogs healthy and thriving. To help small dog shelters across the country meet their dietary needs, A Dog’s Love™ Pet Store is showcasing its products. The company donates a portion of its profits to help feed dogs in small shelters nationwide.

“Each item purchased raises funds to feed a shelter dog in need for 30 days,” the company representative said. A Dog’s Love was created after its owners decided to adopt rescue dogs, sparking a passion for helping dogs in need. Its founders believe that a dog’s love is unique, which is why they decided to give back to other shelter dogs in the United States.

A Dog’s Love offers treats, toys, chews and more on its website for people who prefer to shop online and support its cause. Customers can choose from a wide selection of items for dogs and dog lovers.

In a post-pandemic era, many people forget the impacts that changes in their daily lives have on their dogs. People who have worked from home for the past two years and are now returning to work may see their dogs experiencing separation anxiety or stressful behaviors. To help, A Dog’s Love recommends getting dogs something called an enrichment mat or lick mat. Licking promotes the release of endorphins in the dog’s brain, which can have a calming effect.

Customer feedback has been overwhelming, garnering over 11,000 5-star reviews. One of her customers, Sally L. said, “I bought two packs and my English Bulldog Holly loves them! Wonderful company to order. We are frequent orderers. Another customer, Robert B., who has been giving monthly for years, said, “Please keep up the good work. It’s people like you who bring hope to life!

For every item purchased, A Dog’s Love will be able to feed a shelter dog in need, thanks to the company’s partnership with local shelters. This includes two meals a day for 30 days, which is vital for a dog in need. “Many shelter dogs are in poor condition and just need time and resources to recover and have a chance to regain their still home,” said the company’s founder.

The company has over 45 dog toys and chews. It also offers t-shirts, caps, yard flags, signs, coffee mugs, and 2023 calendars for dog owners. All of the products it sells are 100% made in the USA.

As of this writing, A Dog’s Love has provided millions of meals to dogs in need through its partnership with organizations such as Greater Good Charities and other rescue and shelter groups nationwide. .

“With your support, our goal is to feed all dogs. We hope that one day every dog ​​will have a loving home filled with food, love, and tummy massages, but until then, we want them to know we’re in their corner. We appreciate you joining us in our mission,” the rep said.

To browse, shop and learn more about A Dog’s Love, visit https://www.adogslove.com/

About A Dog’s Love™

A Dog’s Love provides quality dog ​​treats, toys and chews that are guaranteed to be 100% Made in the USA. The company’s mission is to give dogs across the country the food and supplies they need for better health.

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Company Name: The love of a dog
Contact person: Mark Shilensky
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Call: +1-844-446-4364
Country: United States
Website: https://www.adogslove.com/

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