Pet clinics

A local veterinary clinic creates a blessing box for pets

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Heartland Animal Hospital, 4100 N Woodlawn St, has created a blessing box for pets.

“The number of families making tough choices about giving up their pets to shelters and rescue groups continues to grow. When it comes to feeding and supporting your family in times of need, we know that your pets are also factored into your decisions. They are part of the family,” Heartland Animal Hospital said in a Facebook post on Monday. “And when the family is in need, a simple donation or gesture can bring relief in so many ways.”

Heartland Animal Hospital says that as part of their community, they should do what they can to keep pets with their families and keep families open to adopting pets in need of a foyer.

If you have pet items that you no longer use or need, Heartland Animal Hospital asks that you consider dropping them into the blessing box they call “Magnum’s Pantry”. In turn, if you need pet supplies, they say you can feel free to take what you need from inside the box.

Heartland Animal Hospital has the following housekeeping requests when it comes to donating to Magnum’s Pantry:

  • No open cans
  • Tape or seal all open bags of dry food/treats
  • No prescription drugs
  • No expired product

Heartland Animal Hospital notes that all items in the box are donation only, so please use at your own discretion and be sure to check labels and expiration dates.