Alabama restaurants and stores are feeling the impact of supply chain issues

CONCORD, Alabama (WIAT) – The current supply chain problems felt across the country are also being felt in central Alabama.

Parvez Mulji, owner of Steve’s Grocery in Concord, says the prices of meat and other ingredients like flour and sugar have skyrocketed in recent months. He says even bacon prices have gone from $ 60 a box to $ 110 a box. Supply prices have increased from 25% to 30%.

“But if you look at a can of chicken fillets, it was around $ 40 to $ 50. Now the same can of tender chicken is costing us around $ 125, ”Mulji said.

Because of this, he says he has had to increase the prices of the food he serves in order to meet demand and pay his employees.

“But the point is, we are facing the consumer and then the consumers are complaining to us that you are raising the prices. But we are not the ones raising the prices, we have to remain profitable to survive in this market, ”Mulji said.

Mulji said on Monday that a customer took to social media to complain about the prices of his food. He responded with a post to him explaining everything. For the most part, many of the customers CBS 42 spoke with on Thursday understood why the prices were on the rise.

“A small local business has no investors. You know, we are not a publicly traded company, ”said client Thomas Tatum.

Tatum says he has frequented the restaurant and convenience store for almost a decade. He says food, like chicken fillets and cheeseburgers, is usually a slam dunk to order. He says that seeing the message on Monday, he knew he had to defend Mulji and the restaurant.

“When prices go up, some of it has to be consumed by businesses. But you know, you also have to pass it on to the consumer, ”Tatum said.

As most stores and restaurants go through this difficult time, Mulji and regulars at Steve’s Grocery are hoping customers can be patient in the future.

“Food quality is our main goal and we want to make sure that we provide quality food to our customers,” Mulji said.

“And be kind to each other. Because kindness is free. And if we had more, then the world would be a little better, ”Tatum said.

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