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Amazon Announces Doug Herrington as CEO of Amazon Stores Worldwide

People walk past an Amazon Fresh store in Washington, DC on August 26, 2021.

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Longtime Amazon executive Doug Herrington will take over as the new CEO of Amazon Stores Worldwide, CEO Andy Jassy announcement tuesday.

Herrington has been on Amazon’s top-level S team since 2011 after initially joining the company in 2005. He started the company’s consumables business, then launched AmazonFresh in 2007 and began leading the company. North American consumer business in 2015, according to Amazon. Herrington developed and launched several key programs at Amazon, including its popular loyalty program for moms.

The move comes after Amazon announced earlier this month that Worldwide Consumer CEO Dave Clark would step down on July 1. Clark then announced that he would join supply chain software startup Flexport as its new CEO in September.

Herrington brought deep grocery expertise to Amazon. This is an area in which the company has sought to expand aggressively. Herrington, a former vice president of Webvan, helped Amazon gain traction in the space when it launched Amazon Fresh, its grocery delivery service, and Prime Pantry, another food delivery program that has since closed its doors.

Herrington became a key leader in the business. He is part of Jassy’s S-Team, a group of more than a dozen senior executives from nearly every area of ​​Amazon’s business, such as retail, cloud computing, advertising and the operations.

Jassy said Amazon is changing the name of the Consumer business to Amazon Stores, adding that it will also bring the Operations group under one leader, John Felton. Felton has also been on the S team since 2020 and has been with Amazon for 18 years.

Felton, who has held various operations and logistics management positions at Amazon, will report to Herrington under the new structure. Herrington’s other direct reports will include heads of Amazon’s physical, international and North American store divisions, the eCommerce Foundation, Pharmacy/AmazonCare/Healthcare, Selling Partner Services, Buy with Prime and the Economist. CEO of Amazon.

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