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Animal clinic and community mobilize to help Pulaski County woman sheltering dozens of dogs thrown onto property


PULASKI COUNTY, Arche. – Last week, KARK 4 News reported the desperate plea for help from a woman in Pulaski County. She says more than 50 dogs have been dumped at her home since the start of the pandemic.

Since then, KARK 4 News has received over 100 calls and emails from the community wanting to help.

A local veterinary clinic has mobilized to answer the call in the best possible way.

When staff at the Eubanks Animal Clinic in Jacksonville heard that an elderly woman needed help with too many dogs, they made a plan and took action.

On Wednesday, they safely removed four dogs from a crushing situation.

“I think my heart just fell in my stomach and all I could think of was praying about it,” said Miranda Thompson of the Eubanks Animal Clinic. “It was really hard to see that.”

From now on, the quad team will be treated like royalty.

“Give them a hot bath, snuggle them up in a bed, get them vaccinated, get them spayed today,” said Doreen of the Eubanks Animal Clinic.

Helped by people who just couldn’t turn away.

“I just couldn’t not do something,” said Crista Fennessee of the Eubanks Animal Clinic.

Because this business’s mission is to help others.

“We are all focused on compassion and on helping the community and serving the community the best that we can,” Fennessee said.

The staff went above and beyond despite their own difficulties.

One of them has cancer and considers every day a gift.

“Every day that I have, I want to do it for someone else, for a different pet,” Doreen said. “I take joy in it. I have been given a second chance and these animals deserve a second chance.

Because in the end, what happens.

“There might be a day when I need help and I hope people will be compassionate,” said Doreen.

If you would like to give any of these dogs a loving home, contact the Eubanks Veterinary Clinic at 501-982-2536.


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