Area gift shops avoid supply chain issues with ‘made in Nevada’ products

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Supply chain issues continue to impact what shoppers can find on shelves unless they’re in the Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center.

The store supports hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have avoided shipping delays and shortages with “Made in Nevada” products.

“We’ve found that most locals can find what they’re looking for,” said Dave Asher, owner of Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center. “One of my favorite sellers here is a guy who welds car parts into works of art. There are a lot of them, which don’t require a supply chain.

“It makes no difference,” said artist Michale Leah Tristram, “I’m well stocked with paper, paint, and ink.”

Another store that sees certainty through locally made products is The Flag Store at Sparks. You can find sauces, jams, spices and, of course, flags all made in Nevada.

“We’ve seen a lot of other things coming from China that are in containers on a dock or in the ocean and you’re waiting weeks or months for them to arrive,” said Eric Smith, vice president. of The Flag. Shop. “Compared to local products, they are almost always available.

Both stores have seen some sellers struggle to find glass jars, but say business is booming.

“The community, Nevada products in particular, has been absolutely wonderful,” Smith said. “They’re willing to work with some of the vendors and if it’s not in the exact same package, that was before some people were 100 per cent on board.”

“We’re expanding to another location in the mall, we’re going to expand into a giant ‘made in Nevada’ store and a big new visitor center,” Asher said.

The next time you want to avoid empty shelves, locally made products could be your solution.

You can order The Flag Store products online.

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