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GRANGEVILLE – Seventy-one cats have come back to life this month in Grangeville.

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), under the direction of the Tolo Veterinary Clinic, spent two days, October 15 and 16, spaying and neutering local feral cats after identifying and trapping them.

“This is very important,” said Dr Rocky Mease, who regularly performed the surgeries alongside Dr Kim Wolfrum.

“People have tried to eradicate the wild settlements, but time and studies have shown that it doesn’t work,” he said. “What works is sterilization and sterilization.”

Katrina Wolfrum from Tolo Veterinary Clinic is preparing a cat for sterilization.

Nearly a dozen ARF volunteers worked to help humane trapping and preparing cats for sterilizations. The felines are dewormed, checked and treated against mites and fleas, and are given a four-way vaccine. Once they have recovered from the anesthesia of the operation, they are released to their colonies.

Mease added that the services not only help control the population, but also reduce fighting and the spread of disease, allowing cats to live more peaceful and comfortable lives.

“We still need barns for several cats, and they are available as long as the new owners promise food, water and shelter,” said Alaina Redenbo, ARF volunteer.

“Yes, they can’t live on mice alone,” echoed volunteer Rhonda Schacher.

The left ears of cats that have been treated and neutered are indented so that they are not re-introduced and can be easily identified. Cats must weigh at least two pounds to be spayed or neutered, and ARF brings as many as possible for this Trap-Neuter / Spay-Release (TNSR). The funds for this were provided by PetFriendly and additional grants and donations. Avista recently awarded ARF a grant of $ 2,500.

“Last year we were able to sterilize and neuter 171 animals, and this year we are at 146 so far,” said Redenbo. “Without Dr Kim and Dr Rocky, we wouldn’t be able to do all of this. We cannot thank them enough.

ENG photo 4

A litter of seven puppies was transferred to Spokane via SpokAnimal for adoption.

The ARF also takes care of an endless number of stray and abandoned animals. On the 15th, SpokAnimal got out of the car and took about 20 dogs and cats from Grangeville to Spokane for adoption. This included a litter of seven newly weaned hunting dog puppies.

“They will be adopted in this region and will just have better luck because of the larger population,” Schacher said.

“It makes me a little sad every time we transfer, but I have to remember that they won’t be looking out of these cages forever,” said Karin Vetter, ARF volunteer. “They will have a good life. “

The ARF also offers sterilization and sterilization 50% vouchers for pet owners who need help.

ARF’s long-term mission is to build a no-kill animal sanctuary that serves all of Idaho County.

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