Austin Water urges residents to prepare for freezing temperatures now

As winter approaches, Austin Water urges Austinites to take action now to prepare for freezing temperatures, especially after winter storm Uri.

To help customers prepare for this year, Austin Water is providing free meter keys, record covers, and winter preparedness tip sheets, while supplies last. Customers can pick up these supplies at City of Austin Utilities Customer Service Centers:

  • North branch: 8716 Research Blvd., Suite 115, open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • South branch: 1901 W. William Cannon Drive, Suite 100, open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Austin Water says residents can follow the department on Facebook for more information on other community pop-up events where winter tool kits will be available.

Austin Water encourages residents to take a few simple steps now to protect their property and prevent damage when freezing weather hits Austin.

Austin Water offers the following tips:

Locate your water cut

Locate the main water line shutoff valve and keep it clear of debris and obstacles at all times. For most homes, the owner’s shut-off valve is on your side of the water meter at the meter housing. For tenants, please consult your property manager.

If you cannot find your shut-off valve or if it is damaged, you should be prepared to access the City shut-off valve in the meter housing. You may need a water meter key to open the meter box, which can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Weatherize to keep cold air out

Repair broken or drafty windows, doors and walls. Seal all leaks in crawl spaces and basements. Winter unheated spaces and be prepared to close garage doors for the duration of the frost. Gather supplies to cover the vents on the foundation of your home.

Waterproof exposed pipes and water heaters

Prepare to insulate pipes in unheated and drafty areas, such as an attic or garage. Also check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your tankless and tankless water heaters. Hardware and plumbing supply stores offer insulation to keep pipes from freezing. Obtain all the supplies now so that you are ready to pack pipes and water heaters as a winter storm approaches.

Outdoor faucets

Austin Water encourages all of its customers to turn off irrigation systems during the winter months to help conserve water. Prepare supplies for wrapping outdoor faucets with towels or styrofoam insulation.

Gather the supplies to prepare

Having these supplies on hand will help you be prepared and avoid the rush to stores as the first winter storm of the season approaches.

  • Water meter key – to access your meter box (if necessary)
  • Insulation for interior and exterior pipes and water heaters
  • Protective covers for outdoor faucets
  • Battery operated radio and flashlight
  • One gallon of water per person per animal per day for seven days

Log in for emergency alerts

Download the Ready Central Texas mobile app to learn more about how to be emergency prepared and safety aware.

For more advice and information, Click here.

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