Authorities urge pet owners to keep pets safe on July 4 – NBC Los Angeles

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the annual fireworks problem causing animals to be driven away from their owners and homes, ending up in shelters, animal rights officials are once again urging owners to ‘animals to keep their pets indoors on July 4th and protect them from booming noises.

Dogs and cats can escape through small openings in homes and fenced yards in search of a safe place and can be injured in traffic or end up in an overcrowded local shelter, officials have warned.

Animal care experts have advised owners to:

  • make sure pets have up-to-date ID tags and, if
    possible, an electronic chip registered with the contact details of the owner;
  • keep the animals indoors in an enclosed and comfortable place with some
    “White noise” for distraction;
  • if they have to go out, make sure the gates and fences are secure;
  • create a safe space at home, off limits to guests, with windows
    closed and covered, and plenty of water and food; and
  • make sure you leave the animals with a responsible party if you leave town
    for the holidays.

Owners who lose their pets, despite all precautions, are urged to promptly post signs around the neighborhood and go to the nearest town or county animal shelter to where the animal was found. last seen with a photo and detailed information about the dog or cat.

“Independence Day is a time of celebration for humans but not for animals,” said county animal care and control department director Marcia Mayeda. “Fireworks can terrify our beloved pets, and they can be injured or lost as a result. Please make sure your pets are safe and properly identified in case they run away, and watch closely monitor your pets’ behavior and stress levels. “

The City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services noted that dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that can be frightened by fireworks. Officials said horses can also be affected by loud noises and potentially exit the stables.

The city urged owners to consider moving the horses indoors if fireworks are expected nearby. If horses stay outside, owners should ensure all fences and gates are secure. Horses that are in the stable should have a thick bed with “high banks” and have plenty of hay to keep them occupied.

Owners can also play music or leave a radio on to help keep horses calm. Ear muffs can also be used to help reduce noise.

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