Ayesha Curry Highlights Life’s Little Pleasures at Oakland Housewares Store and Cafe, Sweet July

OAKLAND, Calif .– Ayesha Curry’s community oasis, Sweet July, transports visitors to an airy shopping atmosphere with shelves full of carefully selected household items. The Oakland-based location invites guests to shop and relax with artisanal coffee and Curry’s signature bread pudding in hand.

The store’s central message: finding gratitude in the little moments of life.

“Sweet July started out as a mantra for finding those things that bring joy into your life,” Curry described. “This is my call to action for people to find out what makes your life sweet.”

The intention is clearly behind every move at Sweet July, right down to the store’s location in Oakland, CA.

“We started our family here and it’s a city that has always embraced us. I feel like Oakland deserves to have nice things,” said Curry.

During her visit to Sweet July, ABC7 News anchor Jobina Fortson immediately noticed the female writers and businesses owned by black women exposed.

“Absolutely,” Curry replied. “We are extremely attentive to the brands with which we collaborate or present in the store.

Sweet July goes beyond brick and mortar. It’s a website, e-commerce, and even a quarterly magazine that celebrates diversity, values ​​emerging brands – and the store essentially brings those pages to life.

“Representation matters,” Curry said. “Sometimes all it takes is seeing a little bit of yourself in a situation that you didn’t know you could be in to give yourself that inspiration and move forward to know you can.”

For more information on the Curry’s brand, visit here.

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