Back-to-school groceries more expensive due to COVID

If you find your wallet a little lighter after your back-to-school shopping this year, you’re not alone. As with so many things, the surge in COVID-19 cases is changing the way we prepare for school.

According to the National Retail Federation, back to school will cost $ 849 per child this year! That’s a bump from last year of around $ 60.

Retail expert Josh Elledge says the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is still causing chaos in the supply chain.

“It costs a lot more money to take a wooden ruler, take it out of a tree somewhere, or plastic, and have it molded in a factory that has restrictions now, and the supply chain – have it transported. that and that has restrictions to keep people safe, and then it ends up in a retailer. The retailer has additional expenses. “

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It could also lead to shortages of some supplies, but Elledge says don’t stockpile pencils or notebooks – there should be plenty in another store or online.

“I am optimistic that the shortages you will see will be relatively short term.”


Elledge says important tips for saving money are to use coupons and visit multiple stores for your supplies.

He says some will offer discounts on some products and others will offer discounts on others, and overall the savings will add up.

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