Beatrice Humane Society discusses the need for a sterilization and sterilization clinic | Local News

“We haven’t asked for money from the county for two years, mainly because they have the Beatrice 6,” Rypma said. “But as soon as this thing starts to end, we intend to ask them for more.”

“They have the money, they can put it forward,” said board member Tim Fralin. “Beatrice 6 is a whole different case taken care of. If they say they don’t have any money, they’re lying to you, and I’ll tell them to their face, because that’s just a fact.

Fiddes noted that the animals coming from the county are much lower than the city, at 89 and 384, respectively. She said from the county, a majority of animals come from Wymore.

“They approached us, and they would like to work on us with that, but at the moment we have no solution to offer them, because we no longer have the capacity for sterilizations or sterilizations. But the city wants to sign a contract with us, ”said Deanne Caspers-Moon, Humane Society board member.

Board member Bob Morgan asked how the shelter plans to measure the clinic’s impact on the town’s feral cat population.

Rypma said Lincoln was successful in implementing the exact same program.

“We’re going to be able to show that these numbers are going down because we’re going to have fewer unmodified outdoor cats roaming our cities,” Fiddes said. “Hopefully we’ll show fewer cats hit by cars, fewer animal control calls, fewer police officers having to take time on a Sunday to bring us a dog running across the street. If we can start. to get these dogs to be microchipped, spayed and neutered, better licensed and all of those things, we can have real impacts there as well. ”

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