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Benefits of online veterinary consultations; how is the pet care industry changing

Having a pet at home is a blessing and the warm welcome they give you when you come home from a long day at work makes you feel so special. Although the feeling is nice, caring for your pet comes with a lot of responsibilities.

It is very important to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. Like a family member, even they need constant medical care. Pet parents can sometimes experience difficulties when taking their pets to a veterinary clinic, as the animals become anxious and restless. Sometimes, when the animal is not feeling well, it can even be difficult to get them out of the house, especially because of the pandemic.

Consulting a veterinarian to maintain your pet’s health plays a major role in adding to a long and healthy lifestyle. A few years ago, people were unaware of online veterinary consultations and were more inclined to visit a veterinary clinic. However, the pandemic has given rise to digital vet consultations and people have started consulting vets online instead of visiting them. Not all pet parents are so lucky when it comes to easy access to vets, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Online vet consultations quickly provide point solutions to the declining health of your pet.

If conducted properly with a dedicated one-on-one video call with experienced veterinary professionals, online veterinary consultation can help address all of your concerns and even help you care for your pet at home. Here are a few ways an online veterinary consultation benefits your family of pets.

Prompt medical attention

As pet parents we consistently want our pets to feel as comfortable and happy as possible and in this endeavor we want to resolve even the smallest issues that may be plaguing them as soon as possible. With an on-demand appointment system with experienced veterinarians, you can get medical care for your pet quickly. This reduces the need to go to a veterinary clinic and wait in lines for help.

Stress-free consultations

Waiting rooms are stressful, even for humans, although they know the hospital is where they will get help. Imagine the multiple closeness of stress our pets experience, unaware of the purpose of the journey to a place full of other sick and frightened animals. Online veterinary consultations help us keep our pets calm, stress-free and always with you on days when they are not feeling their best.

Decreased likelihood of infections

Being in a crowded clinic/hospital increases the likelihood of getting an infection for both our pets and us. Even in a sanitized environment, it sometimes becomes difficult to avoid the risk of coming into contact with various infections, diseases, fleas or ticks. Online video consultations can instead provide quick medical consultations from the comfort of the animal’s home, at the convenience of your time and without the danger of potentially infectious animals near the clinic/hospital .

Access to specialists

When it comes to medical care, it’s always better to talk to an expert than to rely on Google for self-medication. An accurate diagnosis by a certified veterinarian can help your pet get relief sooner from the creepy, scary, and unverified resources out there online.

Online consultations provide access to high quality veterinarians who come with the niche to provide the best solutions. Additionally, there are many digital pet care platforms that have a team of veterinary professionals who have been trained to provide help online. In addition to veterinarians, pet owners are introduced to other in-house experts, including trainers and groomers for times when a solution requires holistic support.

Private and secure consultation

When it comes to interacting online, digital pet care platforms make privacy a priority. The consultation remains confidential, as well as the digital prescription and other data. This helps them keep their information confidential, which helps in gaining the trust of customers.

Economic consultations

In addition to the myriad of benefits that online consultations have to offer, it is also economical and emerges as the most viable solution for the new era demands. In addition, it reduces travel costs as well as unnecessary trips to the veterinarian. Therefore, keeping the pet’s health as a priority, pet parents are turning to online veterinary consultations for quick and easy solutions to the sick health of their pets.

Over time, it seems people are becoming more familiar and comfortable with online veterinary consultations. So whenever your pet needs a vet, try an online consultation. You might be amazed at the smooth and highly efficient experience offered by an online veterinary consultation.

(Varun Sadana, co-founder, Supertails-digital pet care platform)

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Posted: Sunday, May 22, 2022, 9:40 PM IST