Bike shops scramble for supplies

4:30 p.m. | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Some bike shops in the subway are scrambling to get bikes and bike parts. Indeed, supply chain issues are holding back bicycle production. With rising gas prices, the demand for new bikes is increasing.

“Every time we see gas prices skyrocket, we see an interest in cycling to work,” said Pam Sayler, owner of Trailhead Cycling.

The bike shop is one of the local businesses feeling the impact. Cycling to the trailhead has two locations, one in Champlin and another in Plymouth.

More and more people are cycling due to high gas prices, and the demand for new bikes is also high. Local stores are scrambling to keep inventory.

“What we’re seeing in Plymouth is that we’re selling more e-bikes, and most of those e-bikes are being used to commute to work,” the bike shop owner explained.

She says stores have plenty of family bikes in stock, but high-end bikes are limited.

“We may not have the color you want. We try to keep as many different sizes in stock,” Sayler said.

Experts say the demand for e-bikes is skyrocketing.

Customer Harriet Johnson buys a new e-bike. She says the bike will help with climbing hills and covering long distances.

“Ease of riding and it’ll just be fun, and I want an e-bike that’s right for me,” she said.

The supply chain issues that started during the pandemic are still an issue, and even more so when it comes to e-bikes.

“It’s completely related to the computer chip issue from Shanghai. Although this shutdown should be resolved within the next two weeks, we still have a backlog of backorders,” Sayler said.

And good luck if you need to bring your bike in for repairs. The wait is at least two weeks in Champlin and one week in Plymouth.

Supply chain issues are also holding back production at some bicycle companies. Experts say that some bike manufacturers build products for new bikes but don’t necessarily have a premium for bike repairs.

During this time, customers will need to be flexible until things get back to normal.

Be patient or come up with at least three choices,” Sayler said.

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