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Hong Kong Island, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The company’s offerings come in three varieties: regular dog poop bags, which come in packs of 135 and 270 pieces; take-out bags, which come in a box of 140 or 300 pieces; and those with easy-to-tie handles, which can be purchased in sets of 120 or 250 bags. Customers can make one-time purchases or request regular deliveries through the company’s subscription service.

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With this latest update, customers can gain access to environmentally friendly and compostable dog poop bags, both in natural environments and industrial facilities. The rolls and boxes used for the products are also made from fully recycled cardboard.

The dog, widely regarded as man’s best friend, is perhaps the most beloved animal in the world, transcending classes, cultures, and many other divisions. The emotional experience of owning a dog has often been lovingly described in movies, literature, and other art forms, testifying to the unique and timeless bond shared between dog and handler.

However, in the current era of impending ecological collapse, many dog ​​owners fear that the needs of their pets may be at odds with their duties as environmentally conscious citizens, due to the environmental nature. many commercial dog products.

Dog lovers who shop with Pogi’s don’t have to face bad conscience, as the company uses environmentally friendly practices and materials in all of its product lines. In addition to compostable poop bags, the company also offers grooming wipes and training pads.

As previously announced, Pogi’s Pet Supplies, a Hong Kong-based eco-friendly pet supply store, sources quality and sustainable materials for its products and has therefore earned the respect of customers for staying true to her values.

One satisfied customer said, “Truly compostable, these bags are thinner than plastic, but thick enough to get the job done. The perforations are well made and make it easy to tear a bag from the roll, without tearing the bag. They are easy to open and large enough to easily pick up, tie, and carry the stool of a large breed dog.

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