Body of a huge snake found on the side of a road in northwestern France

The corpse of a 1.5 meter long snake, found on the side of a road in northwestern France, has been identified as a python.

The huge reptile was discovered on a small road near the town of Mézangers in Mayenne (Pays de la Loire).

Motorist Alain Outin, who regularly uses the road, spotted the snake lying halfway on the roadway on January 7.

The startling discovery left him with many questions.

“Where did he come from? Was he put there alive or not? Did he escape his owners? Had he lived independently in the area for some time?” He said, reported West France.

The image in the Facebook post below shows the snake as it was found.

The gendarmes were contacted and the snake was taken to a veterinary clinic in the neighboring town of Évron.

There, the vet was able to identify it as a python. There were initially suspicions that it might be a boa constrictor.

“We’re sure it’s a python,” the vet told Ouest France.

“As it is not chipped it is not possible to determine where it came from. It was in an advanced state of decomposition, suggesting it was probably already dead when it was dropped off.

The species is subject to strict ownership rules in France. However, without the possibility of tracing it via an electronic chip, it will be difficult to find the owner and launch an investigation.

Mézangers Mayor Robert Geslot said residents were both worried and stunned by the discovery.

“It’s not a snake you typically find in our rural area,” he said.

“Has he escaped from someone raising him or keeping him as a pet?”

The authorities are unlikely to find out.

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