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Cool Cats releases its complete guide to Cool Pets NFTs

So you have your Cool Pet egg, but how do you claim it? Well, Cool Pets has shared the right video for you.

You can claim your $MILK tokens as many times as you want.

A Guide to Claiming Your Cool Cats Pet Eggs

In one recently shared videoCool Cats walks us through every step to claim and play with the eggs.

First, go to the official website and connect your wallet. Make sure this is the same wallet address where your Cool Cats Pets are received.

The second step is to claim, once you have successfully connected the wallet. All you have to do now is select your Cool Cat and then click on the egg claim option. Alto! now you can successfully see your egg.

The third step is to take care of your pet, here you need to buy egg supplies with your coins from the Cool Shop. After crafting the pet supply box, you have the perfect mix of items to maintain and grow your egg. Please note, you can either sell or use these items.

With each use of items, you advance your egg to the next stage. In other words, your Cool Pet egg is about to become an adult pet.

More information about the project

Cool Pets is the latest offering from the successful Cool Cats brand. This is a collection of 19,999 NFTs, which are procedurally generated based on the interaction of items. All pets begin as an egg and later evolve into a final form.

It should be noted that the whitelist strike was already closed on February 9, where 7,495 of the 8,500 whitelist spots were claimed. Now, around 1,500 places are reserved for public sale.

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