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Dog owners learn lifesaving measures for their furry friends

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Pet owners unit at Meyer’s Tails Up Farm in Belvidere for the opportunity to learn how to perform CPR and rescue breathing measures on their four-legged family members.

Course attendees say it’s extremely important to know about CPR for pets because sometimes a dog can get into trouble and there’s no help nearby.

“They’re like family, and it’s like teaching your baby to do CPR,” said dog owner Ray Morris.

Ray and Dawn Morris own a 7-year-old Labrador Basset Hound mix named Nova. They know that all dog owners can relate to the responsibility of owning a pet, but when Nova was just a puppy, the Morrises realized just how intense that responsibility could be.

“He was choking on rawhide, so we kind of picked him up and rocked him, gave him CPR compressions,” the Morrises said. “And we finally got it out.”

Now the Morrises believe it’s essential that other dog owners learn how they can help, in the event of a situation like theirs where their pet’s life is at stake.

“We were freaked out, as you’d expect,” Ray said.

Bethany Wiltshire, Pet Tech CPR Instructor, says panic is how most pet owners react, but Sunday afternoon’s Pet CPR and Rescue course gave attendees the tools step-by-step. step to transform this fear into adrenaline.

“When the emotions are high and the stakes are high, you can panic and forget what to do,” Wiltshire said. “So we need to train to be ready.”

Kristen Tope thinks all pet owners should take a course like this. Having owned and raised Labradors for more than 20 years, she says she has seen with her own eyes many times dogs facing near-death experiences. Often, it was without a veterinary clinic nearby.

“The more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to save your pet before it gets to the vet,” Tope said.

Wiltshire also says this class teaches owners the latest CPR and rescue breathing, approved by the American Veterinary Association. She also advises owners to keep a first aid kit in their car for their pets.

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