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Dog Owners Warned Of Seasonal Death Threat After Pet Dies From Eating Seaweed | United Kingdom | News

The warning was sent to all dog owners this summer after a puppy died following a walk. Roo the Cocker Spaniel sadly passed away shortly after a recent walk at Anton Lakes in Hampshire. The little pup came into contact with a substance that is deadly to dogs. The little dog may have come into contact with blue algae growing on a body of water.

Now the local council has advised dog walkers to keep their pets out of the water in the area.

Blue-green algae are found in fresh waters such as lakes, ponds, canals, rivers and reservoirs.

Bacteria produce toxic chemicals that are very harmful to the health of people and animals.

Owner Hannah May Washington said WiltshireLive sounded the alarm about dangerous algae in the water after their pup died.

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Anton Lakes is a popular dog walking spot just north of Andover.

The scenic area has a river and a lake in its nature reserve.

Towards the end of the walk with little Roo, the dog’s owner noticed that the puppy’s eyes were getting a little droopy.

With regard to blue-green algae, the UK Center for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) said: “They pose a particular health risk during the hot summer months when their concentrations increase in water. to form efflorescences and froths on the surface.

“It may look like wispy green or turquoise paint, green scum, or clumps of green particles.”

The dog’s owner added: “We thought he had too much water in his eyes so we decided to end the walk and go back to the car.”

Roo was extremely agitated when brought home and had difficulty getting up, so he was rushed to Strathmore Veterinary Clinic.

She added: “While in my arms, Roo started having seizures, struggling to breathe, foaming at the mouth. It was the worst experience of my life having to hold him, talk to him, tell him that mum and daddy loved him.”