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Extra Large Compostable Poop Bags

Hong Kong Island, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong –

Pogi’s Pet Supplies, a seller of eco-friendly pet care products, has launched biodegradable dog poop bags for eco-friendly pet owners who want to clean up after their four-legged friends in the house. the most environmentally friendly way possible. Pogi’s Compostable Dog Poop Bags are made without plastic; instead, they contain plant matter so they can easily break down in an industrial composting system.

Pogi’s bags are even certified to ASTM D6400, a specification that covers plant-based plastics designed to biodegrade in a municipal or industrial aerobic composting facility. This means that the bags’ compostability has been independently tested and verified, and buyers can be assured that the bags will decompose properly in their city’s municipal composting system. Poop bags can be purchased on Amazon:

On Amazon, Pogi’s Pet Supplies stocks both regular-shaped bags and bags with handles, both on rolls designed to fit standard-sized dog poop bag dispensers, including dispensers sold by Pogi’s Pet. Supplies themselves. The bags with handles are 7.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches long (including the handles), and are big enough to handle even the biggest dog’s messes. The regular bags, without the easy-to-tie handles, are even larger, measuring 9 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep.

In addition to the plant-based compostable bags, the cardboard cores of the bag rolls and the boxes the bags are packed in are all made from recycled materials and are also recyclable. The bags are presented in boxes of 9, 18 and 32 rolls, i.e. 135, 270 and 480 bags respectively. This means they have plenty of quantity options for the discerning dog owner who wants to try them out or get a large quantity at a discount.

As previously announced, although these dog poop bags are compostable, many municipal composting programs do not accept animal waste for composting, due to the inherent risks of handling feces. As some cities, particularly in Canada, have begun to change their rules to accept pet waste as well as yard waste and food waste for their composting programs, customers who purchase Pogi’s compostable dog poop bags should consult their local composting regulations before tossing poop bags. in the compost bin. Likewise, although the bags are advertised as “backyard compostable”, it is not recommended to compost dog feces or other pet waste in a backyard compost pile. Many industrial composting systems use high heat to aid aerobic decomposition, reaching temperatures that can destroy pathogens that may be hiding in pet waste and some food waste, such as raw meat scraps. Backyard composting systems, on the other hand, rarely get hot enough to make poo safe to touch, let alone safe spreading on a garden as fertilizer, where children and pets might play.

Those who live in cities that don’t accept pet waste in municipal composting systems can still consider Pogi’s compostable dog poop bags as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic poop bags, even when they’re all head for a landfill at the end. It takes much, much longer, but compostable bags sent to a landfill will always end up decomposing, while plastic dog poop bags never will.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies uses high quality materials for its compostable pet poop bags and ensures that they are not only compostable, but also durable and leak proof. Anyone interested in learning more can view the collection of compostable poo bags available on Pogi’s Amazon store:


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