Forrest County School District pays for student supplies

FORREST COUNTY, Mississippi (WDAM) – The Forrest County school district is expected to start school in just three weeks.

District leaders make back-to-school errands a bit easier by easing the financial burden on parents.

The school system has decided for the second year in a row to pay for school supplies for its students.

“We knew that school supplies could be a financial concern for many parents, as well as the ability to collect them,” said District Superintendent Brian Freeman.

Longoria McGill is a parent of the Forrest County School District. Her grandson, Raylane, will be starting fourth grade this year at the Rawls Springs Attendance Center.

“It’s a great blessing to me, because having him in school and the list of school supplies lasted a whole year, and it gives me extra money to buy his uniforms, his school clothes, his clothes. shoes, his socks, just extra stuff. towards even more at home, ”said McGill.

McGill says it doesn’t just help people like her who have a fixed income.

“I can speak for all the other parents out there and even working parents. If they are working and have three or four children to send to school, it costs them a lot to be able to buy school supplies and the list. It seems that each year they get longer and longer, ”said McGill.

Freeman also says providing all the supplies is expensive, but worth the investment.

“It’s quite expensive, but it’s a combination of district funds and a few federal dollars through our securities program that we’ll be moving the funding around and hopefully meet all of our students’ needs,” said Freeman.

Parents won’t have to worry about buying things like notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, markers, or even binders.

School enrollment is currently taking place for the Forrest County School District. Click here for details on the district website.

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