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Free tampons could soon be in the Capitol toilets

Among them, $10 million on behalf of home modernization initiatives, an increase of $8 million. Projects funded from this account could include the creation of a comprehensive staff directory, which currently does not exist, and a standardized format for legislative documents. The bill would also give the House Clerk’s Office $1.4 million to overhaul the lobbying disclosure system.

Disability rights advocates have pushed for better accessibility at the Capitol, such as more assisted doors and a designated drop-off area for members of the public. These projects should be a priority for the Capitol’s architect, the committee’s report says.

While last year brought a 21% increase in the office budgets that members use to pay their staff, this time the proposed increase is more modest, with a 4.6% increase in the representation allowance for members. But Appropriation officials followed a Modernization Committee recommendation to expand student loan repayment to include tuition assistance and professional development expenses.

Lawmakers decided to keep their own salaries frozen, as they have done for more than a decade, but proposed an additional $4.1 million to boost intern salaries. The bill would also create a new House Intern Resource Office, which the committee report said would provide training, collect demographic data and study the possibility of creating a subsidized intern housing program to ease the pain of Washington’s steep market. , DC.

The inclusion of these so-called ModCom recommendations has been celebrated by groups that aim to “fix Congress”. The proposed bill is “another giant step towards building a modern legislature,” said Daniel Schuman, policy director at Demand Progress.