Full Stack Supply Co. executive on achieving B Corp status

Today, Full Stack Supply Co (FSSC), parent company of the three outdoor brands, Faction Skis, FW Apparel and recently acquired United Shapes Snowboards, announced that the company has achieved the coveted B Corporation (B Corp) certification. As a Certified B Corp, FSSC and each of its brands are committed to using business as a force for good.

In the wake of the news, SES Industry Insight reached out to FSSC’s head of supply chain and ESG, former Volvo engineer Sara Asmoarp live from Sweden. Here’s what she had to say about achieving the milestone.

Hi Sara, great news today, congratulations.

Sara Asmoarp, Head of Supply Chain and ESG: On behalf of the entire FSSC team that brought this to life, thank you. We are very proud to join this collective of forward-looking brands that want to make a difference. It’s something we’ve been specifically working on for over three years, and we appreciate what B Corp is doing to set benchmarks for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

B Corp certification is a wonderful validation of our efforts, but we also recognize that we are only at the beginning of the journey.

You have completed a third-party review of your company’s impact on workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment. How was the assessment?

Sara Asmoarp: To become B Corp certified, we completed a rigorous assessment called “The B Impact Assessment”. It was a deep dive into our business, assessing our social and environmental performance at every level of our operations. It is like a detailed audit, but which goes well beyond financial aspects, social and environmental standards. The minimum score to become certified is 80 points, and we were pleased that FSSC scored 93.5 points.

This assessment marks the first step in our ambitious journey of continuous improvement, with the goal of increasing our certification score. The assessment asks more than 400 questions. It’s a great way for us to assess areas where we excel and other areas where we will focus on continuous improvement.

Sara Asmoarp, Full Stack Supply Co Head of Supply Chain and ESG – Photo Oskar Hall

You also updated the company’s articles of association. Can you summarize what this action entails?

Sara Asmoarp: Leaders build and nurture communities, not just profits, and that’s what we stand for. To achieve B Corp certification, our collective of hundreds of shareholders voted to change the fundamental legal framework on which our company is based, our Corporate Articles, declaring that our business decisions always consider people and the planet.

How does FSSC measure its carbon footprint?

Sara Asmoarp: We calculate our carbon footprint each year to make informed decisions on how to reduce our emissions year on year. Where it is not possible to reduce, we compensate by using high quality carbon offsets, investing in sustainable energy production. For the 2020-21 season, we are offsetting our scope 1, 2 and part of our scope 3 emissions, a total of 618,000 kg of CO2, or the equivalent of 1.9 million kilometers traveled by car . Our climate journey has only just begun, with the goal of offsetting all of our direct and indirect emissions, eventually becoming zero.

We measure our emissions with the expertise of Climate Partner. For our film productions, we also use the specialist group Albert to measure, reduce and offset the remaining costs related to our media content. It was a real revelation and changed the way we plan and produce our films.

FSSC also collaborates with a number of non-profit organisations. Who are some of your main partners right now?

Sara Asmoarp: Collaboration catalyzes change. We have created lasting and important relationships with partners such as 1% for the Planet, Protect Our Winters, Coombs Outdoors and Outdoor FUTURE By supporting and donating to organizations, individuals and events that have an environmental impact and positive social, we commit our business to building a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative future for all.

The “B” in B Corp stands for “Benefit for All”, and we sincerely believe that our brands and the outdoors should be accessible to everyone, which is why we will continue to push for representation in outdoor sports, and continue to embolden and create space. for underrepresented groups to push the boundaries of the sports and arts we represent: from skiing and snowboarding, to hiking, surfing, skating, filmmaking and more.

How does FSSC hold its employees accountable?

Sara Asmoarp: We believe in the power of individuals to create collective strength. When we come together, we can achieve great things. Our internal team peacefully protests, votes and lobby for the environmental and social reform our planet needs, and we will always use our brands’ platforms to encourage our wider community to do the same.

We have a passionate and talented team and their health is one of our top priorities. We encourage skiing, snowboarding and ski touring from our offices near the Alps and Rocky Mountains; we maintain a friendly Strava group to encourage our team members to run or cycle during their lunch breaks; and we hold daily team lunches at our headquarters where the team prepares healthy meals and eats together. We are proud to offer a generous benefits package to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

One last word ?

Sara Asmoarp: Joining this community is not only the right thing to do, our fans recognize the power of B Corp certification. This creates trust and value. The journey does not end there, we will continue to work as a team towards a more sustainable future.

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