Gen Z’s Key to Heads Up For Tails Chic Animal Care Project

There is a pet care revolution in India. A generation ago those who had pets considered themselves “pet owners”, but today, pet adopters are increasingly referred to as “pet parents.” of company “. And guess who benefits?

Pet care retail brand Heads Up For Tails or HUFT raised a $ 37 million Series A round led by investors Sequoia India and Verlinvest last month. And the two waves he rode on to get here were the Indians’ shift in mindset towards their “fur babies” and the pandemic.

When Covid-19 forced the world to shut its doors in early 2020, the joke inside HUFT – which sells both offline and online – was that it would launch the summer collection in October. Of course, getting through the pandemic – which has seen HUFT postponing the launch of several new stores and products – has been difficult. But the virus that locked us all in has also reminded us to take better care of pets, if not to adopt more pets.

“Puppy adoption rates have increased by 50-100% in 2020. The cat market has grown by over 40%,” Ganesh Ramani, Managing Director of Mars Petcare India, the company behind the famous brand of dog food Pedigree. has been

quoted as saying

quoted as saying

Pet food sales jump on higher pet adoptions during lockdown
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More animals => More possibilities to sell animal products => Best sales => Growth for animal protection actors

In August 2021 alone, HUFT opened four stores in Mumbai, with spa centers attached to three of them. In addition, the company has eight more stores that are expected to launch by the end of the year. Currently, the Delhi-based HUFT has around 40 retail stores spread across nine cities, with spa and treatment facilities in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. This is in addition to his large e-commerce business, which offers a wide variety of brands and products. Its website lists nearly 80 brands, including its internal brand HUFT, with more than 5,000 storage units (SKUs). “We place around 3,000 orders per day, split between online and offline. We are on track to make around Rs 150 crore ($ 20 million) [in sales] this year, ”said Rashi Narang, co-founder of HUFT The Ken.

But just a few years ago, that was far from the reality of HUFT. Launched as a small kiosk in Delhi’s upscale Select Citywalk mall in 2008, HUFT had to wait eight years to launch a small $ 1 million seed round from private investors in 2016. “When we had started, there was no awareness. There was no supply chain, no path to follow and learn, ”Narang explains. “We had to build everything from scratch. “

Until 2015, around 90% of the Indian pet care market consisted of food only, which was also mainly sold in mini-stores attached to veterinary clinics.

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