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Hillsborough County – Your pet deserves a healthy home

Job July 12, 2022 | 8:25

Understanding Hillsborough County Pet Care and Shelter Requirements

Scorching summer temperatures and heavy rains can quickly make your garden unsafe for animals living outside. Providing proper food, water, and shelter year-round is essential to having a happy, healthy pet.

As a Hillsborough County pet owner, you are responsible for the care and safety of your pets, which includes meeting pet care standards under county ordinances. At the most basic level, the standards require pet owners to provide:

  • Accessible, adequate and safe food and water
  • A suitable indoor or outdoor shelter that is:
    • structurally sound
    • sized correctly to provide enough space for the species and number of animals
      • maintained in a safe and healthy manner, free of standing water, droppings, excessive litter, debris, infestation and pests
      • well ventilated, sheltered from the sun and bad weather
  • Appropriate and safe animal restraints, including leashes and tether limits

Is your outdoor doghouse a safe structure?
Outdoor dog shelters or kennels must meet all required county guidelines for proper shelter, as well as these features:

  • have a roof, at least three solid sides, and a solid, level floor
  • sheltered from bad weather and shaded in summer
  • lifted off the ground to ensure it is free of standing water

Hillsborough County Animal Control recommends that residents periodically check that their kennel is in good condition and repair or replace it as needed. Ready-made niches of all sizes and designs are available for purchase. Alternatively, you can build a simple, inexpensive doghouse that meets Hillsborough County pet care standards. Whichever method you use, the doghouse or outdoor shelter must be properly sized to allow animals to stand at full height, stretch, turn around, lie down, and perform exercises comfortably. normal postural adjustments.


Photo Info: Volunteers from Hillsborough County Code Enforcement, Pet Resource Center and community groups rounded up dog houses on July 10, 2022 to help at-risk owners by providing adequate shelter for outdoor dogs.