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History of the on-demand pet food and product delivery service


Many people keep pets as a hobby, and this pet once became the all-time companion. Although this scenario may be common in first world countries. Until a few years ago raising a pet was quite a luxurious and embarrassing pastime in Bangladesh. The main reason was the great unavailability of pet food. However, in recent years the situation has improved. Having a pet is no longer a luxury and many people buy and adopt pets. In addition, the purchase of animal feed is not at all inconvenient due to The Pet Care vertical product line.

Dogs and cats are on the list of favorite pets for many people in Bangladesh. But, it was difficult to find suitable nutritious food for pets; many people have refrained from keeping cats and dogs at home. So, for the convenience of the pet owner, the online grocery store has created a special Pet Care category for dog and cat food. From where customers get SmartHeart, Whiskas, Me o, Lara, Drools Fiskis, Mio, Delico, Purina, etc., for cats and Kennel, Bonacibo, Drools, SmartHeart, Maxi, Goodies, etc. for dogs. Let’s get to know more details about Pet care Chaldal.

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What is Chaldal Pet Care?

Pet Care is a new product line from, Bangladesh’s largest online grocery store. The animal care industry has grown in recent years. Chaldal’s pet care service kicked in around 2014. When the Chaldals saw an increasing demand for pet food as well as pet care items, they began the journey. In recent years, this product line has experienced excellent growth. And currently, Per Care is one of the biggest categories in Chaldal.

The company started this service with dog food and now sells pet food alongside dog, cat, rabbit and fish accessories. As the demand for pet food increases, the company works hard to ensure the highest quality of products from genuine suppliers and sources. Nevertheless, they also ensure the best possible prices for pet owners.

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Chaldal considers “pet care” to be a category of ordinary foods. Thus, it functions as an on-demand pet food and product delivery service. The good thing is that anyone from the four markets – Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong, and Jashore can access pet food.

How does Pet Care source its products?

When Chaldal started his pet food business in 2014, they struggled to find the best quality product. As they were sourcing from the third party, the margin was low. In addition, the unavailability of products was another concern.

But, in recent years, they have improved considerably. They work closely with pet care products, pet food suppliers and merchants in Bangladesh. They have built a strong supply chain. In addition, they also work directly with importers with a standard payment agreement and buy in advance. Needless to say, Pet Care sources high quality products and food from reliable sources and then brings them to the warehouse to ensure quality and proper packaging.

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The evolution of animal care

At first, Chaldal had glimpsed the prospect of pet products. The company realized that pet food and products would lead them to enter a new market. But, the company took this new market seriously in 2016, and they decided to give importance to human products.

The company has put together a small team and a business development strategy. The team contacted suppliers directly and ensured constant product availability. In addition, the company also places great emphasis on marketing and management. As the company learned about the market, it managed the inventory accordingly. And finally, they have seen great results.

Chaldal’s pet care products increased dramatically in 2016. After that, in 2017, they became the market leader in online pet food. However, they have yet to beat the largest offline pet care market, Kataban.

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After seeing the lead, the company put in place an appropriate supply chain as well as a mechanism to manage customers. Now the Animal Care category of contains everything related to animal care including food, toys, accessories and more.


Although Pet Care aims to provide uninterrupted supplies, it faces some supply chain challenges. For example, sometimes importers of high-demand products stop the operation or stop importing. In addition, if an importer terminates the agreement, the company faces a problem.

The supply shortage has become a constant challenge for the company during this coronavirus pandemic. This is because of the closed borders and the delay in international shipments. Therefore, the company faces problems in ensuring the availability of popular products.

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But they are trying to solve the problem by offering alternatives. However, they are working to resolve these challenges.

The future

Having a pet has become a norm in Bangladesh, especially in the upscale part of the country. In the old days, people had local cats as pets, which didn’t need a lot of attention. However, a certain social class now adopts or purchases foreign races, and special attention is needed for them. And it is on the rise. Hence, pet food and products will experience a steady increase in Bangladesh. Currently, the pet market is worth 5 BDT crore and is growing.

Nowadays, pet owners in Bangladesh treat their pets lavishly. Therefore, the demand for different pet products will increase in the coming years. So, Chaldal animal care is a bright perspective. However, the growth of the market is lucrative, and many entrepreneurs have already emerged in recent years. But Chaldal doesn’t seem to pay much attention to competitors as they work hard to improve service as well as quality.

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