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Rescue One is a state-licensed foster rescue organization located in Springfield that handles animal rescue services in addition to foster and adoption opportunities. The Animal Rescue Center purchased land on the northwest side of Springfield with the intention of building a low-cost veterinary clinic and new facility.

The organization works with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and other local law enforcement to help rescue animals in need.

Rescue One helps community members with the costs of pet food and neutering services through an outreach program for citizens who cannot afford them.

In 2020, Rescue One began offering low-cost vaccination clinics where citizens can come and update their pet’s vaccinations for $10 per shot, according to administrative manager Rebekah Redwing.

The facility will not be a shelter, but it will provide Rescue One with more space for emergency relief and supplies. The veterinary clinic will provide a variety of standard treatment services to reduce the overall number of abandoned and neglected animals in Springfield.

Redwing explains that the rescue shelters are always full.

“Unfortunately, there is a significant problem with overpopulation of dogs and cats not just in our area but everywhere,” Redwing said. “Many animals are not spayed or spayed, which plays a huge role in the overpopulation problem and that’s why we offer assistance in this regard through our outreach program.”

Some injured or neglected animals are rescued from rural areas outside of Springfield while other pets are recovered from legal situations, Redwing said.

“Our recent program that began in July 2021 is our SafePet program in which we partner with the Greene County Family Justice Center to temporarily care for the pets of victims who are fleeing an abusive environment and seeking a safe place for themselves and their families. pets. live,” Redwing said.

“While in our care, animals are fully vaccinated and neutered if not already done so at no cost to the owner, then placed in a foster home until they can be reunited with their owner,” Redwing said.

Community members interested in supporting the work of Rescue One can apply to become a foster family through the app on their website. Other ways to support Rescue One include volunteering, donating money or supplies, and attending events the organization hosts throughout the year, Redwing said.

“Our biggest need right now is foster families,” Redwing said. “As we don’t have a shelter, we can’t take in more animals unless we have a foster home open – and many of our foster homes already have multiple animals in them.”

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