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Homemade foods that taste better than store-bought foods


“Every time I order the restaurant chic version, I feel like something crucial is missing.”

While going out to eat or buy take out can be a treat, some things just taste better when made at home. So Redditor u / RumIsTheMindKiller asked: “What is always it’s better at home compared to a restaurant? ”This is what people had to say.


” Mashed potatoes. They always taste better made from scratch in your own kitchen. “


“Matzo dumpling soup. When you buy it at most Jewish delicatessens, matzo balls have been in the broth forever and therefore have lost their flavor and texture. In addition, the broth is often disappointing. Homemade broth with whole chicken and matzo balls cooked just to the right is amazing. “


“Grilled cheese. When I order “fancy” grilled cheese in a restaurant, I always feel like something is missing. Homemade grilled cheese is simple, but it gets the perfect texture and flavor. “


“Tamales. I’ve eaten some really good tamales in restaurants, but there’s just something about being home-made that the home-made version doesn’t compare. “


” Vegetables. I love going out to eat, but the most disappointing thing is always the veg. I hate spending over $ 30 on an expensive dish to make the veggies steamed, unseasoned, and just plain sad. Sure, I’ve had some good veg, but I notice that when meat is the centerpiece of a dish, there is very little attention to veg. And I love my vegetables! “


“Grilled corn on the cob. Every time I order it in a restaurant it always tastes chewy. “


“Chile. No restaurant chili can compare to homemade food. When you order it, it’s usually just a watery tomato soup with ground beef. “


“Soup. I fell in love with soup once I started cooking it at home. Just about any type of soup you make from scratch is so much better than a soup. restaurant that has been in a large vat all day. “


“Quesadillas. Every time I order them in a restaurant, I am always disappointed. Only I know how to season them the way I like it best, and only I know the perfect amount of cheesy guacamole and salsa that is right for them. “


“Lasagna. Unless the restaurant you find yourself in prepares a large platter every day, there’s a good chance you’re ordering lasagna that has already been frozen and thawed. “


“Biscuits and gravy. They are so much better homemade. Every time I order them in a restaurant, they are disappointing. Never enough flavor. “


“Mac ‘n’ cheese, homemade roux and all.”


” Baked Potato. They never have such good, crispy skin in restaurants. Most restaurant potatoes taste like the microwave or soggy, like they’ve been cooked a long time in advance. “


“Rice Krispie Treats. I don’t know why anyone would buy the kind in the wrappers. But even the bakery or restaurant version doesn’t taste as good as the ones you make at home.”


“The steak, only because you can make it as good if not better than 99% of the restaurants, but for a much cheaper price.”


“Chocolate chip cookies. I’m talking about semi-sweet, no-frills, medium-sized chocolate chip cookies. There’s nothing in the world quite like the homemade kind.”


“The risotto. It’s so easy to prepare it well at home, but it’s this mystical side that baffles me. People think it’s hard to prepare, so they order it from a restaurant, but homemade is even better. “


“Gumbo. Nothing beats homemade okra. Most restaurants either don’t do it right or try to make it too fancy. “


“Omelets. If you order omelets at a restaurant, it is almost certain that they will taste overcooked and leathery. “


“Roast chicken tastes phenomenal every time you make it at home, but it’s generally acceptable in most restaurants. They usually try to make up for the lack of flavor by going overboard with the sauces, IMO.”


” Scrambled eggs. There’s nothing quite like eating them straight out of the pan. In addition, you can cook them precisely to the desired texture. “


“Shepherd’s pie. It’s one of those dishes that beg to be prepared at home.”


“Homemade cookies because you love them every step of the way when you bake from scratch: raw cookie dough, hot cookies fresh from the oven, then the same cookies when cool and a bit crisp. Oh, and then there’s my favorite: cold hard cookies straight out of the freezer. “


“Homemade applesauce while still hot, in pieces and with cinnamon is 100 times better than what you buy in a store or restaurant.


“Chicken noodle soup. You know it’s made with real ingredients, and you can fill it with lots of real pieces of chicken … not just two or three small cubes of minced meat. “


“Homemade cocktails, especially when you use real ingredients like fresh squeezed citrus and simple syrup instead of that pre-bottled ‘sour mix’ shit.”


“Potato Salad. Even the worst homemade potato salad is better than the best store-bought version.”

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