Houston’s new pet supplies company aims to pamper your pooch

Considering Americans would spend $ 109.6 billion on pets this year, according to new data, it is definitely worth using your judgment when purchasing. Now, Houston dog owners can stay local when shopping for their furry babies.

Houstonians Brad Madrid and Bobby Dwyer launched Fido, a new e-commerce brand for animal welfare. Available everywhere in Houston, Texas, and even across the country,

Fido products will initially begin with Chill Chews and Clear Ears, both of which are scientifically formulated and aim to provide relief and comfort, according to a press release. The products are laboratory tested and approved by veterinarians, by the company.

Anxious puppies can benefit from Chill Chews, which make training, travel, and daily life easier and are said to help pets relax. Clear ears, on the other hand, are made with natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and aloe and are intended to keep animal ears clean and free from wax, debris, fungus, and bacteria.

“As a professional dog trainer and breeder, I have worked with hundreds of dogs, which has allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of how dogs think and function,” Dwyer said in a statement. “Through my profession, I have discovered a need for products to support the health and well-being of dogs, and it is our mission to provide great products to make good boys even better.”

Madrid and Dwyer are not only business partners, but also brothers-in-law. Bringing science to Fido, Madrid has a background in pharmaceuticals, while Dwyer brings his canine know-how with his background as a dog trainer.

Both hope to see their business grow in leaps and bounds. Products are available for purchase from the website and delivery is available nationwide. Plans for products to be sold at local pet stores, such as with international shipping available in the future.

If the current data is any indication, Madrid and Dwyer are in the right place. A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners found that 52% of those polled said they spent more money on their pets than on themselves each year, by GoBankingTaux.

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