How a local veterinary clinic sets the industry standard for pet care

Become Physical

As technology leads the charge to make Crestview a sought-after clinic in North Georgia, the Crestview team maintains its expertise in blending these traditional therapies with high-tech solutions to help treat and improve surgical outcomes for their patients.

With over 1,300 surgeries performed each year, they now offer a Crestview Rehabilitation and Fitness Center, complete with a sophisticated underwater treadmill. Physiotherapy is a normal and expected part of human recovery and treatment, so it is paramount for Crestview staff to provide the same level of care to companion animals.

“It is unlikely that a person will undergo major orthopedic surgery or suffer from a chronic painful condition without some form of physical therapy being strongly recommended by their doctor,” Sewell said. “It was a natural addition to our highly progressive practice and it has yielded great results for our clients and their pets. ”

Crestview has also added laser therapy, massage and stretching exercises to its postoperative protocols. Incorporating these measures dramatically improved recovery times and healing, according to Sewell.

“Laser therapy offers the benefits of accelerated healing while reducing pain and inflammation,” added Tina Johnson, veterinary physiotherapist at Crestview. “And the underwater treadmill reduces the weight on the bones and joints while the hot water and movement help reduce swelling and improve circulation. All of this reduces recovery time after surgery and allows your pet to return to normal activities faster.

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