How to Buy Post-Vacation Deals Amid Supply Chain Woes – NBC4 Washington

After the holidays, retailers usually empty their inventory and customers reap the rewards. But this year could be disappointing, with supply chain issues disrupting your search for deals.

If your plan is to put shopping on hold until after the holidays, you might be out of luck due to supply chain issues, said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold.

“It’s had a huge impact on industries everywhere, whether we’re talking about apparel or electronics, and it’s just this constant thing all year round. So we still kind of see the ramifications of that,” a- she declared.

Stores are expected to have fewer clearance items due to lack of inventory.

“We’re still going to see sales after Christmas. We will always see these items at a reduced price. We may be seeing less of it overall, and the discounts might not be as good, ”said Ramhold.

This year’s Black Friday deals weren’t very generous compared to previous years, and the higher prices didn’t help. But retailers still saw customers willing to pay more to get what they wanted.

For retailers, “it’s just kind of just take it out when they have it and people are going to buy it anyway,” Ramhold said.

If you’re always prepared to wait for good deals until after the holidays, here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t wait too long to shop. Start looking for the first few days after Christmas, as this is when stores will have the most inventory.
  • If you see the item you want to buy, but there. If you expect a lower discount, it may not be there.
  • Start tracking the inventory of the items you want if you can see the numbers going down.

The DealNews website states that the best items to buy after the holidays are holiday decorating, winter clothing, and video games.

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