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IACS asks the public for help as shelter overflows with pets


Indianapolis Animal Care Services has over 120 adoptable pets and welcomes 25 to 50 more animals per day.

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Animal Care Services is once again filled to the brim and this time caregivers are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

The IACS said its hallways were lined with crates, animals were staying in all available offices, and more were arriving on a daily basis.

“The reality is that your shelter needs help. We need adopters, foster families, volunteers, staff and advocates,” the IACS said in a Facebook post on Saturday. “There is something that everyone can do to help the shelter. If you are unable to accommodate a pet in your home, consider volunteering and sharing our post on social media. Tell your friends and family about us. We need you, these animals need you. “

There are over 120 adoptable animals at the shelter right now and that number will likely increase in the coming days. The IACS explained that it receives an average of 25 to 50 pets each day.

“Here’s the harsh reality: every day we have scheduled admission appointments every 30 minutes, 7 hours a day … throughout the day and that represents an average of 25 to 50 animals per day,” said declared the IACS.

Yet the IACS hopes that these animals will each find a home soon. In an effort to make this dream come true and to help clean up the shelter, he’s offering free adoptions with a donation from the shelter’s Wish List.

“All [adoptable animals] share the same hope this season and that is to find their forever home, ”the Facebook post said.

The shelter also asks anyone who finds a lost pet to help the shelter by trying to find the owner instead of bringing them to the shelter.

The IACS suggests that people post observations of animals and animals found on Indy Lost Pet Alert.

Wondering why the shelter always says we’re full? Here is the harsh reality: every day we have a contribution …

Posted by Indianapolis Animal Care Services on Thursday, November 18, 2021

Here’s what IACS asks people to do if they find a stray animal:

If you can house the animal until a date …

  • Get it scanned for a microchip at a nearby veterinary clinic. They will do it for free.
  • Post on the Indy Lost Pet Alert Facebook page, your neighborhood social media pages or NextDoor
  • Proceed to the shelter so that the IACS can give you a crate to keep the animal confined in your home, as well as food and other necessary supplies.

If you can’t house the animal until a date – don’t pick it up …

  • Report the stray, along with their last known location, through the Request Indy website or app.
  • Report on the Indy Lost Pet Alert Facebook page with a photo, description and the animal’s last known location.

If you are considering handing over a pet, the IACS wants to help you so you don’t have to …

  • As part of its Indy CARES program, IACS provides people with the following services to help keep your pet in your home: behavioral training, low cost vaccines and medical treatments (including spaying / neutering), food and other supplies necessary and help with the pet deposit.

The shelter also offers a pre-committing cuddle program that allows people to bring a dog home to see if it is suitable for their family before committing to adopting the animal.

DID YOU KNOW THAT the shelter offers a program where you can bring a dog home to see if it is suitable for your family BEFORE …

Posted by Indianapolis Animal Care Services on Saturday, December 18, 2021