‘It breaks my heart:’ Heat wave is wreaking havoc on pets, warn Langley veterinary clinic staff – Aldergrove Star

A staff member at the Langley Veterinary Clinic made a social media appeal for pet owners to take the heat wave seriously after seeing 15 cases of heat stroke, including 12 fatalities, during an eight-hour shift on the first full day of the heat wave Saturday, June 27.

Kaneycia Bush-McLean, a Langley City resident who works as a licensed veterinary technician at the Fraser Valley Animal Emergency Clinic in Langley, said the toll included six rabbits and three dogs that died suddenly at home. of heat, as well as a cat. and two dogs that had to be euthanized for severe heatstroke, and two dogs and a rabbit admitted to hospital for heatstroke on Saturday, June 26.

A dog died in its owner’s car, while being transported to the clinic, Bush-McLean said.

“There will be more and it breaks my heart,” predicted Bush-McLean.

All came from the surrounding neighborhoods where the clinic is located.

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“This is unfortunately nothing new to us,” said Bush-McLean.

“I don’t know what it will take for people to get the message.”

Pet owners should be aware that pets can experience heat stroke even inside a home when conditions are extremely hot, Bush-McLean told The Langley Advance-Times.

Young puppies or senior dogs are particularly vulnerable, she added.

Bush-McLean suggests pet owners minimize outside bathroom breaks; keep pets in cooler parts of the house, ideally with air conditioning or high-intensity fans.

“If your home is particularly hot, keep them away from blankets and thick bedding if possible – resting them on cool tile or wooden floors will help keep them cooler than rugs or blankets.

There are cooling products like bandanas and vests that can be found in stores, and although Bush-McLean expects places to start running out of stock, wet a towel with water. cold, wringing it out and laying it on them will provide the same. pros – however, it’s important to remove the towel once it’s no longer cold, otherwise it will start to heat up and lock in heat, she warned.

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If a pet is struggling with heat, she suggests contacting friends or family members who have air conditioning to see if they would be willing to keep their pet during the day.

“I encourage people to take them to dog day care.”

One online commentator received Bush-McLean’s endorsement for his advice:

They keep a stack of wet towels folded flat in Ziploc bags in their freezer and spread them out under a towel for the dog to lie on and keep his core temperature cool.

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