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Jenico tether system for dogs is on sale now

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Most dog parents (except those lucky enough to have ultra-obedient dogs) sometimes have a hard time wanting to take their beloved pet on a fun outing because they might not wanting to hold a leash all day to keep their pets close. by. There are different options available, from extra-long leashes to floor-mounted leashes, but none of them seem to suit everyone.

Although the name might leave you confused as to how this system works, it’s actually quite simple. The set includes a strong 50 foot cable, carabiners and a storage bag. Hook one side to a tree or pole, the other side to another along the length of the cable, then attach your dog’s leash to the movable center carabiner. They will be able to move freely along the entire length of the cable, without becoming detached or straying.

Buy it! 50-foot Jenico tether system, $20.85 (origin $25.85);

You can use the system on your next camping trip, day at the lake, backyard barbecue or other outdoor event. Instead of your pet being stuck by your side on a leash all day, they will be able to roam freely within a defined space and interact with people without leaving your sight.

At a campsite, choose two trees in your space so they can roam your camping area without entering someone else’s campsite. Even if you have an unfenced yard, the cable system can be a great solution for giving your pet worry-free independence.

Installation takes no more than a few minutes and can be done by one person. And the lanyard is made with reflective material that glows in the dark, so you can still see your dog after dark.

The design itself alleviates tangles, but to make it safer, avoid placing it with other large obstacles between your two endpoints to prevent your dog from wrapping around something.

Dog parents who have tried the system love using it every time they take their pets on adventures. A critic noted that they were “happy to have more flexibility” and added that they liked the “super sturdy hardware”.

Another critic commented that this product is not limited to families with one dog, saying, “My three dogs were so happy they could move around the campsite. I was able to fit my three large dogs on one. [I] just added two extra carabiners.”

Try it Jenico tether system while it’s on sale for $21 and there’s still plenty of good weather for camping trips and outdoor parties.