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Jersey Dairy: ‘Supply chain issues mean stores may run out of 2.5% fat milk this week’

A SHORTAGE of ‘green’ 2.5% fat milk cartons will lead to empty shelves in shops across the island this week, Jersey Dairy said.

The company explained that it was running out of one-litre cartons because its current supplier missed two delivery dates on June 24 and June 30.

Managing director Eamon Fenlon said after contacting the supplier he was told the problem was the result of ‘increasingly difficult supply chain issues’ and the order would not arrive again until this Saturday .

Jersey Dairy, however, is trying to get more stock to the island by then.

He said: “We expect retail stores in Jersey to start running out of stock of one liter fresh milk cartons at 2.5% on Tuesday 12 July until [this] Thursday morning, provided the van arrives in Jersey on Wednesday.

Mr Fenlon added: “I would like to sincerely apologize to all of our customers for this situation, this is not acceptable.”

“We will make the appropriate changes to ensure this does not happen again.”

The company’s 2.5% fat milk will still be available in 500ml UHT and long-life cartons, and they said they will increase volumes of 1% milk and fresh whole milk one liter to ensure that there will be no global shortage of fresh milk. for our customers’.