Jones County grocery store owner discusses difficulty with staff, procurement and how he’s handled

TRENTON, NC (WNCT) – From staffing to procurement, the pandemic has sparked a struggle for businesses across the state and nation.

Trenton One Stop owner Kish Karsan spoke about how the shortages impacted his business and how he managed to keep his shelves well stocked.

“So unfortunately once we order it, if it doesn’t arrive, we’ll try it once or twice and then look for an alternative,” Karsan said. “So, for example, if it was the Quaker brand, we would look for an alternative brand to a big brand. Better to have something than nothing on your shelves.

The community certainly noticed his ability to keep things in stock, but it was no small task.

“I think it’s probably a good half of my time looking for replacements and trying to figure out what we can get and what we can’t get,” Karsan said.

It all seems connected, for example keeping the change in the books amid the coin shortage is another daily challenge.

“So normally, we go to the bank. But right now the bank is forcing us to go every day for a few rolls (of coins) a day, “Karsan said,” But at the same time, with the understaffing, I can’t go every day. . That’s why we rely on our staff.

Karsan said he had recently been able to hire more people, but was still missing around two staff. He said being from the UK his family and friends face the same issues across the Atlantic. He said he takes it one day at a time and continues to do whatever he can to keep his shelves well stocked.

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