Local veterinary clinic should be available for after-hours emergencies on a rotating basis – Chemainus Valley Courier

We pet owners have all received notification from our veterinary clinics that after the clinics close for the day, we must take our pets to Victoria or Nanaimo to be treated for medical problems.

We have three veterinary clinics in Duncan, one in Chemainus and one in Mill Bay.

Why can’t each of these five clinics be available in turn for after-hours medical emergencies? For example, each clinic must be available after hours for two weeks at a time.

For example, the Prévost clinic could be available after hours from May 1 to 4. It would be for two weeks. The next time it would be her turn again would be July 10-23.

We pet owners are in serious trouble when it comes to pet medical emergencies. What about pet owners who don’t have a vehicle to drive their pets to Victoria or Nanaimo?

A pet needs urgent medical attention, at the same time, a pet owner who does not have a vehicle must press the panic button to find someone to drive him and his pet to Nanaimo or Victoria.

In summary, the five clinics taking turns is not asking too much, because at the end of the day, it is us, the pet owners, who pay the bills for medical care.


Joe Sawchuk,


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