Long Island Vintage Store Provides Mid-Century Props For ‘Wonderful Mrs. Maisel’

Set in the 1960s New York of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” which premieres its fourth season Friday on Prime Video, this Mid-Century Modern canapes and cocktail platter you might see traveled back in time from Long Island in the 2020s – Courtesy of Huntington Antiques store Rosie’s Vintage.

“We have provided material for seasons 3, 4 and 5, which are in the works,” co-owner Thea Morales, 45, said following Prime Video’s announcement on Thursday of a fifth and final season for the series. about the housewife turned comic. Miriam “Midge” Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan, Emmy Award winner). “For season 4, a lot of what they bought was specifically for a birthday scene and for what I think was a flashback – a [lot] was to serve coins from the 1960s and another was to serve coins from the 1940s.”

Additionally, Morales recalled a visit from the show’s prop shoppers: “I had a hat rack covered in all those gorgeous ’50s and ’60s flower hats. And right before they were done to shop, they saw it and said, “You Maybe we should make this store in this scene a hat store. And so they bought all the hats!” laughed Morales. “They also bought kitchen utensils and barware. The most random thing was genuine Tiki torches in the box, with the graphics on the box in all Tiki fonts and images. They saw that and said, ‘Can we have that too? was everywhere, what they were buying.”

Five-and-a-half-year-old Rosie’s Vintage, which Morales owns with her husband Norm, creative director of musical instrument company Korg USA in Melville, has also worked with prop companies that supplied the television series “Mr. Robot ” and the 1970s of Martin Scorsese. -set film “The Irishman.” Accessory-buying businesses, mostly based in New York City, she says, “come to us or other stores here looking for clothing, decor, anything – Huntington has a lot of antique stores “.

Rosie’s specializes in Mid-Century Modern, a term broadly defined for architecture, graphic design, and furnishings and decor from approximately the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, reflecting the worldwide cultural movement of Modernism which began at the beginning of the last century. From bright orange molded fiberglass Eames chairs to “atomic daisy” wall clocks, MCM “is so cheerful, happy and optimistic,” says Thea Morales. “There were a lot of terrible things that happened in those decades,” she points out of racial segregation, McCarthyism and other repressions, “but in the field of design, it’s was colorful and positive”, reflecting post-war futurism and a faith in science and technology.

To help keep that alive, says the Syosset native, there are things like the 2007-15 AMC period drama “Mad Men” and, now, “Maisel.” “That Pyrex casserole she has in season one,” Morales marvels at Miriam’s classic pink cookware, perfect for the chest. “It was such an eye-catcher, and everyone after that wanted that piece.”

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