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Reprinted with permission from First News Now.

Millerton – Incredible news for the Cornacchio family, as their two prayers were quickly answered regarding their beloved pet, Grace. The family needed a miracle to get Grace home safely, but first they needed someone’s observation to know that Grace was still alive after being hit by a vehicle.

Grace’s first sighting was made by Lloyd and Lisa Stewart in the Jackson Center and Lake Road area. It appears that Grace was slowly and cautiously walking home when she was spotted.

According to pet rescuer Lori Ranck, Grace returned home around 6:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, Jan.6, 2022.

Grace will be seen at the local veterinary clinic on Friday morning for a full exam. Owners and rescuers have reported with enthusiasm and gratitude that Grace is acting and breathing well after being struck by a vehicle and then wandering around the area for the past two days.

Thanks to fellow pet rescuer Lynda Barron for her endless dedication to finding lost dogs. Ranck pointed out that Barron had actually spent time in Wellsboro looking for a 15-year-old deaf / blind dog who had gone missing earlier on Thursday.

Then Barron went out the same day to search for Tinsel, another lost dog from the Wellsboro area who had been missing since New Years, and finally Barron went to the Jackson Center to help search for Grace. These were three different searches for lost dogs in one day.

Thanks also to Michele Rose, who jumped out on the water again to help find Grace. Lori Ranck pointed out that Michele had come all the way from Corning, NY to help. Rose hiked the difficult mountainous terrain.

She was also looking for Tinsel in the Tiadaghton area the day before. Michele was on his way to the Jackson Center to help Lynda when the call came that Grace had been spotted around 2:30 PM. Although by the time she got there, Grace was missing again.

At around 5:30 p.m., as rescuers set up alarms and refueling stations, Grace approached her house cautiously on her own in the dark. It took time and a lot of patience as Gracie’s owners were able to slowly get her into the house with some treats. Although Grace was still very suspicious, she eventually entered the family home on her own and reunited with her family.

Lori sent additional thanks to First News Now and their readers, KC 101.5 Hometown Country, Second Chance Animal Sanctuary and the Lost Animals Facebook Pages for their help in spreading the word to local residents.

Special thanks went to all who shared the information about Grace. “We can’t be successful with these rescues without each of you helping spread the word or making observations. It takes an entire community and sometimes an entire county to bring a lost pet safely home. “exclaimed Ranck.

Animal rescuers are still looking for Tinsel who has been missing from the Wellsboro area since January 1, 2022.

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Rescuers and FNN staff were saddened to learn that the life of Ruby, a blind 15-year-old Pomeranian dog who had strayed from Pearl Street in Wellsboro, came to an end on Thursday evening.

Remember, if you lose or find a lost pet, always check the Lost Pets of Tioga County PA or Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Facebook page. You can call KC101.5 Hometown Country at 570 662-9000 to report that you have found a dog. Facebook Pages are created precisely for this reason – so that beloved pets can be reunited with their owners.

If you lose a pet, post a photo of the pet, indicate the area where your pet went missing, and provide a contact number. If you find a pet, immediately check the Facebook pages and scroll down to see if you can find the owner. If you can’t find the owner, just post a photo of the animal you found and leave a contact number on the post so that the owner has a chance to see it on one of the pages and then give you a call. .

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