Meet the Berlin supply store that makes Sneakerhead’s dreams come true

Much has been written about the Prada America’s Cup sneaker and its overwhelming popularity among the most stylish celebrities, performers and performers. It’s a silhouette that has stood the test of time and whose reach knows no bounds.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Berlin’s latest streetwear store – 3030 Supply – specializes in luxury sneakers and claims what founder Momo Maserati claims to be the largest collection of Prada America’s Cup sneakers in Europe. .

The store, which is on Auguststrasse in Berlin’s Mitte district, carries a range of brands and pieces, such as Berlin’s Ravani, but it’s the America’s Cup sneaker wall that immediately catches the eye when you go through the door.

After the launch of 3030 Supply, in which 100 pairs of America’s Cup sneakers – almost all vintage and in great condition considering their age – were available for purchase, Momo sat down with Highsnobiety to discuss his love for the America’s Cup sneaker, his role in the Berlin fashion scene and how 3030 Supply manages to stock up on stock.

First of all, what does 3030 Supply mean?

In fact, it’s a play on words. Because I’m Momo, and number three, if you turn it over, looks like an M. So it’s Momo but it’s also 3030. But you also have 030 for Berlin.

Why did you open 3030 Supply?

The idea was to bring together vintage clothing and new clothing from designers and local brands in one place, and showcase hand-selected pieces instead of the usual seasonal items. We wanted to have a cultural place, a hub for our community, our culture, and bring a place where you can spend time like then in Patta in Amsterdam, or let’s say Colette in Paris.

How is the America’s Cup so special to you and your community?

To be honest, I really think it’s more the nostalgia behind it, not really the shoe itself. Growing up, I really appreciated the silhouette and its design. It’s a shoe you can wear on any occasion: on the basketball court, or a wedding, or in a fight, or even for your job interview. It’s actually a meme on the shoe.

Does Berlin have a particular link with footwear?

The kids of West Berlin who grew up in the 90s were really into the shoe. The America’s Cup received a huge hype in the 2000s when Cam’Ron started wearing them. And so slowly the rich children of West Berlin began to rock them, and then the Russian mobsters in Berlin. I think the new generation of Berliners appreciate it because they see the older guys wearing them.

And now it’s a lot more common to see people wearing them.

I bought my first pair when I was 13, but in 2013 my friends and I were getting back into the shoe because it felt the nostalgia. And then, little by little, we saw that all the meta guys, hipsters and fashion guys were getting on this shoe too.

When did you have your “Oh shit, I need this” moment?

Basically, I come from a working-class neighborhood. I was sent to a school in a very wealthy neighborhood in Grunewald. Many rich children had really expensive clothes for our age. Everyone had America’s Cups, and I’ve always wanted a pair. Finally, I bought a pair from a child called Mischa for around 120 euros. I was the luckiest kid ever, but a year later someone stole them. It was really sad.

And now you have a store that sells them.

Now I have a store with a lot of mugs. Maybe it’s some kind of complex, that I couldn’t afford, and now I have them all.

You claim to have the largest collection of America’s Cup sneakers in Europe.

When the store opened, we had at least a hundred pairs. I think we have sold over 30 pairs. I think every week we get at least 5 or 10 new parts. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends on how much we can store.

How do you get your sneakers?

We hunt a lot on various sites. We hunt alone, by ourselves, we have different holds or people helping us find vintage pairs in good condition. I also have family in the States, like my uncle you met today, and he brings a lot of couples.

The sneaker hunt is sometimes the best part.

I think dropping a sneaker after finding it is the hardest part. I had shoes that I was looking for overpriced in hopes that no one would buy them. There are some that I don’t even have myself, but they are not my size, so I have to let them go.

What are the differences between sneakers? What determines their value?

It always depends. If it is made in Italy, is it made in Vietnam or is it an American version? So we have these three categories. Category three, if it is made in Vietnam, you will find them in the outlets. They are produced in series. Then you have the American versions, which are always special colors. And then there are the Italian pieces, which are still made in nappa leather. They have very nice finishes, a very good quality of leather. And then we also have specific collaborations with the stores. The camouflage pair was a special outing with a store in Tokyo.

Most of your mugs are vintage. How do they hold up over time?

There is a little clue that I share with people who love vintage mugs. If the shoe has only one seam line, it means it is older than 2001 and will crack. Like, 80 to 90 percent, they’ll crack if you wear them. Even though they look perfect, you come out, oxygen and tension, everything is going to mix together, and they are going to crack. If they have two lines of stitching, they are newer and can be worn.

Italian made pairs, if you maintain them with a little leather moisturizer, you can wear them for 20 years. The ones made in Vietnam are good too, but you have to take care of them. I would say the last 5-10 years.

If there’s something you want 3030 Supply to be known for – other than having a great selection of vintage America’s Cups, what is it?

I want to be a store that is a micro-Colette. We’re a small store, so we’re limited to what we can do. We are really more culture, event and community oriented.

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