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Surat: In an unusual case of online sexual behavior, Surat cybercrime detectives caught a 29-year-old man who preferred to chat pretending to be a woman with women. Vadodara’s accused production manager, Yatin Diyora, had opened 286 Instagram accounts from which he engaged in adult chats with women.
The accused, who works in a multinational chemical and polymer manufacturing company, got married in January and gave up his habit. But his turbulent past quickly caught up with him when a woman from Surat came to haunt him after 10 months in August 2020.
“Such behavior developed over a short period of time can be a paraphilic disorder. The goal of such an individual is only pleasure and not to harm anyone, ”said Mukul Choksi, a psychiatrist.
Diyora’s name appeared in the investigation of a complaint filed by a packaging businessman in March that someone had created a fake Instagram ID similar to his wife’s name and was engaging in vulgar conversations with a friend of his wife. The police were unsuccessful at first, but using cybersurveillance techniques, the cops located the accused.
Since the lockdown in 2020, the accused has created 286 fake IDs using various forms of the name Bijal (name changed). He used pictures of girls on the screen or a profile picture to establish that he is female, and then sent random friend requests to the women. If the woman accepts his request, he starts chatting like a girl and gradually switches to vulgar discussions. While some of the women continued to chat, most, however, stopped.
“Trouble started for him when he did the same with a woman in Surat. The woman accepted his request believing that the request came from her friend Bijal. She was suspicious when Diyora started a sex conversation, ”said YA Gohil, Deputy Police Commissioner, Cyber ​​Crime.
The woman contacted her friend Bijal and asked her why were you having sex chat. In turn, Bijal informed that her ID was different and she alerted her husband. They then turned to cybercrime and filed a complaint.


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