Nevada SPCA provides resources to help pet owners in times of inflation

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Pets may also feel the effects of inflation as all manner of prices soar.

At the Nevada SPCA, not only are there rooms full of loving pets waiting to be adopted, but there are also resources to help you care for the pets you already have.

According to SPCA Director Lori Heeren, others seek to give up their pets due to financial need.

“65% of our contribution is usually buyouts,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of people come to us with growing financial needs.”

“We really see inflation affecting our pet owners, but there are resources in our community,” Heeren continued. “We have a pet pantry where we provide free dog and cat food to pet owners in need. If you can help others, donate.

Reasons for dropping out can include inflation and rising costs for food, medical care, and general pet care.

Savannah Urcioli was looking to expand her family by adopting a cat from the SPCA.

“If a lot of people are giving up their pets for adoption, then they should find good homes and loving people to take them,” she said. “We have been looking for a cat for a while, because we already have a little kitten at home and she needs a friend.”

If you are looking to make more than a donation, you can come to the center and adopt.

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