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No No for Fido: Supply Chain Issues Hit the Arkansas Dog Food Aisle | KLRT

CENTRAL ARKANSAS — Dog owners say it’s getting harder to buy food for their pets as supply chain issues continue to affect Arkansans and people across the country.

Shelves are bare in pet aisles at many pet stores and grocery stores in central Arkansas.

“I just can’t find him,” dog owner Lisa Diffie said. “It was canned food that I had trouble with during [my bigger dog] now I can’t find any more kibble for the little one.

Diffie says she started noticing a shortage of dog and cat food a few months ago, but says it has gotten worse over the past two weeks.

“I went in one day to Sherwood, Jacksonville, Cabot, and also looked up Searcy,” Diffie said.

Allison Ellison lives in Cabot. She says she drove an hour at one point to get her hands on a few bags.

“We went to Conway, and they had two bags and they didn’t even have any on the shelf,” Ellison said.

Although a store may have bags, Ellison and Diffie say it’s not always the right brand.

“When you suddenly switch to a new food, it causes an upset stomach,” said Brandy Buie of Cabot Community Services.

Buie says the Cabot Animal Shelter is also experiencing a dog food shortage with about 40 dogs inside the gates.

“We definitely have mouths to feed,” Buie said.

Buie says the shelter’s food order was canceled this week and few answers have been given as to why.

“Otherwise they have a shortage and they’re trying to fill it as quickly as possible,” Buie said.

Buie says they’ve lost about 15 bags and are trying to pull from their donation bins to feed the animals at the shelter until the order can be fulfilled.

“I think it’s out of our hands at this point,” Buie said.

Other owners say they are doing what they can to feed their animals, hoping the shelves will soon be replenished.