Opening of a wholesale warehouse in Caro to supply small businesses

A new store has opened and joins the Caro community. Warehouse 81 hopes to meet the needs of local small business owners.

Warehouse 81, which opened in July, is a wholesale warehouse that sells products from across the country to businesses, allowing them to put items in their stores. The storefront offers a variety of items including homemade wooden decorations, tin cans, holiday decorations, clothing and cooking utensils.

“We try to meet the needs of different businesses and have had good success so far,” said store owner Amanda Langmaid. “We’ve even brought in people from Clarkston and we’re bringing in from all over Michigan.”

It’s the only warehouse in the state of Michigan, and it helps eliminate the long travels, shipping, and other needs people have to run their business. Langmaid, who is a business owner herself — she owns the Cutest Button boutique in Sebewaing — travels to Illinois and Ohio to get about 90% of her housewares and other seasonal items.

“Each state has about two or three warehouses, so business owners can pick up their merchandise and go home,” Langmaid said. “But Michigan didn’t have one and that’s why I decided to start this one. With the way gas prices are, it’s not worth driving somewhere because you have to increase the prices of all your goods to account for time and gas. Now that’s wonderful, I can just come to the store and buy things from here.

The store has a lot to offer, with different vendors selling their wares up front. From Christmas and Halloween decor to kitchen rugs and jewelry, the warehouse has a lot to offer businesses. Vendors come in and set up a stall with their wares and change things up every two months. Langmaid hopes to attract more vendors to its warehouse to fill the space and make it a pleasant and exciting experience for everyone.

“I would love to expand,” Langmaid said. “If I could reach 50 vendors, I think I could have something for everyone, and I would have a lot more variety. When I’m looking for vendors, I like to have something different than what we already have here. I want to have a good variety of things.

Buyers will be allowed to buy items in bulk, but also single items. Small stores that don’t have space to purchase and stock items in large numbers may purchase one or two items instead.

Although the store sells household items that can be put into homes, the warehouse is not open to the general public. Langmaid says there are still ways to purchase the merchandise sold at the store.

“It’s for business owners only, but if they see something they want, all they have to do is contact the business page and we can tell them where the most close to buy the item,” Langmaid said. “We have a good variety of names, so if there’s anyone in the Thumb, we’ll tell them the nearest store where they can buy it.

“I love people and listen to everyone’s stories,” Langmaid said. “Everyone’s business is different and as a business owner myself, it’s nice to be able to hear what people are struggling with or doing well with. I think this will hopefully solve a lot of the little loopholes that companies have. »

Warehouse 81, located in Caro, is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

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