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GRAPHIC OPINION: Images of a mutilated dog are incorporated into this story. Don’t scroll to the bottom of the story if you don’t want to see them.

Image courtesy of Chelsey Zahn

LUBBOCK, Texas – A resident of central Lubbock was looking for answers on Friday after photos she provided to showed a horrific attack on her Pomeranian chihuahua dog, Ranger

Resident Chelsey Zahn told EverythingLubbock (ETL) that the attack occurred in the 1900 block of 71st Street when her neighbor’s dog walked into their closed porch.

Zahn said her neighbor had around eight dogs and said it was not the first time she had had problems with animals.

“[My husband and I] had to mend our fence out of pocket many times because their aggressive animals keep chasing our stakes, ”Zahn said. “I even went so far as to contact [the neighbor’s] owner. Despite our best efforts, one of their dogs broke into my closed porch and attacked my dog.

Zahn said she had video security footage of her home and saw a postman knocking on her door when the attack happened around noon Thursday.

“I didn’t know what was going on so I quit work and was going as fast as I could,” she said. “Halfway to the house, a neighbor of mine calls and says you have to come home, the neighbor’s ‘bad’ dog just picked up your dog and almost tore it in half.”

Zahn said she returned home and found Ranger in poor condition and immediately took him to a vet clinic. She said the bill was $ 600.

After returning to the vet, she called Lubbock Animal Services (LAS).

After LAS arrived at the scene, Zahn showed the employee photos of Ranger’s injuries.

Zahn said the neighbor’s dog was on the neighbor’s porch. She said the employee tried to put a leash on the dog.

“[The dog] growled, barked, cracked, bit the pole, it got very aggressive, ”Zahn said.

But before the LAS employee could pick up the dog, Zahn said the neighbor showed up. She said the neighbor’s dog had been returned.

ETL then contacted LAS to ask why this had happened.

“The only way for us to take the animal that attacked instantly and hold it back is if the victims come in and file a dangerous dog administrative affidavit,” LAS spokesman Steven said. Greene. “It’s the only thing that gives us permission to take the animal away from its owners.”

Additionally, Greene said the more evidence owners have of an animal attack, the more criteria there are in deciding how to prosecute a dangerous dog case.

Zahn said she also contacted Lubbock Police and filed a police report, but ETL was unable to obtain it.

Ranger weighs 8 pounds and is 11 years old (77 of dog age), and she said he’s considered the “non-aggressive old man” of the family.

Now that Zahn has been briefed on the dangerous dog procedure, she has said it will be her next step.

ATTENTION: The images which follow in the slideshow are graphic. Discretion of viewers recommended.

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