Pet care: simple steps to learn how to clean your puppy

Bringing home a puppy is such an exciting time, but what you need to know is that raising a puppy is the most essential aspect of being a good pet parent. Stay patient and consistent with your pup and you’ll have a clean pup in no time. No pet parent can avoid living in dirty homes and unpleasant odors. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you effectively potty train your pet. (Also read: How to prevent your dog from chewing household objects? Know from an expert )

1. Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule. Give them plenty of opportunities to go to the bathroom, at least every two hours.

2. Take the puppy out to eliminate first thing in the morning, then once every 30 minutes to an hour. Take your puppy to the bathroom as soon as he wakes up and after eating or drinking.

3. Take the puppy to the same place each time to relieve himself. Assign a restroom area, as this will help them know where to go.

4. When your puppy relieves himself outside, praise him or give him a treat. When they’re done, reward them with a treat and lots of praise.

5. Don’t punish your puppy for accidents. This can slow progress, so keep potty training positive. Accidents are bound to happen, but stick to your routine and your puppy will soon be toilet trained.

6. Your pup will need help and your patience when he needs to relieve himself, just like human children. Your pup might feel lonely and anxious. Therefore, be present with them when they do their business.

seven. To clean up the mess, use a dog urine pad or newspaper. Take this pee mat that has been wrapped and place it where you specified. Your puppy will want to relieve himself there if he smells his urine in a specific place.

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